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Around the world, every three seconds, a person is forced to escape from their home and leave everything behind to flee persecution, war or terror #MigrantsDay
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US vetoes UN vote for withdrawal of Trump Jerusalem decision https://t.co/Ahd3ZuqGsJ
Albanian opposition lawmakers threw smoke bombs in parliament to protest the election of a temporary prosecutor general by the government - the vote still took place: https://t.co/pfyJ2PJm4B
South Africa's ruling ANC elects Cyril Ramaphosa as new leader https://t.co/Jhnw5UeC0S
In an exclusive interview, the mother of Anis Amri, the assailant that attacked Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz Christmas market last year, told DW that she would be willing to meet the mothers of her son’s victims:
Most refugees come from war-torn countries such as Syria and South Sudan, but where do they go? For the most part, not to Europe: https://t.co/pw59njYyin #MigrantsDay
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“If I were not married, I could have studied, but now that’s impossible.”

Child marriages are on the rise in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh, as parents unable to provide for their families seek to marry off their daughters:
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Germany's foreign minister has called on the leaders of Iraqi Kurdistan to "peacefully" resolve disputes with Baghdad https://t.co/j94t5s7szz
Make Austria Great Again?

On Monday, Sebastian Kurz was sworn in as Austria's new, and at 31, youngest-ever chancellor.

What accounts for his his meteoric rise? And how has he changed Austrian politics? https://t.co/uWrVPtLBsr
Turkey and Iran are two of the five countries from which most of the asylum seekers arrived to Germany in 2017.

Which country tops the list? #MigrationDay
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