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While wheat yields have been hit hard, German fruit farmers were able to harvest their fruit as early as their Mediterranean peers. https://t.co/pkRVWW9Dh8
"We will not be able to extinguish the largest fires." https://t.co/6D5hukXngP
Charlie Rowley and his partner Dawn Sturgess became ill handling a small bottle of Novichok reportedly disguised as a perfume bottle. https://t.co/1BhpWgleb3
France celebrated its first #WorldCup title in 20 years. But not everyone in the country is thrilled. The reason: 'Les Bleus' aren't white enough...

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Egypt's parliament has passed a new law restricting freedom of expression on the internet.

Will it force activists in the country offline? @CarlNasman explains.
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A boat with refugees sends out an SOS in the Mediterranean. The Libyan coast guard comes to their rescue and finds a harrowing situation.

(Warning: Some viewers might find some of the pictures disturbing.)

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America's top diplomat Mike Pompeo told the @UN Security Council that member states stood united in seeking the denuclearization of North Korea — but insisted the strict enforcement of economic sanctions was crucial to achieving this goal.

Defying hunger, exposure and lurking drug cartels and human traffickers, every year, up to half a million migrants from Central America ride the "train of death" with the hope of reaching the US.

Here's what their journey looks like:
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While some of the decline is due to deaths, experts say the problem lies with German society's changing attitudes and the decreasing role that churches play for many in their daily lives.

The police have said that at least 10 people have been injured in an attack on a bus in the northern German city of #Lübeck. The suspect, a 34-year-old German citizen, has already been apprehended after being subdued by passengers.

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