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EU leaders said "No" to changing the terms of the Brexit divorce deal

But they reassured UK PM Theresa May that they would try finish a UK-EU trade deal before 2021.

Ever notice something missing from video games?

It sends a strong message to US President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly indicated his backing for the Saudi regime.

In 2001, a nine-year-old German girl, Peggy, disappeared on her way home from school.

15 years later, her body was found in a forest 20 km from her town.

Now, a suspect who confessed says he was pressured to say what police wanted to hear.

Read more https://t.co/7KsW8J1ip7
° Help wanted: Professional monkey chaser

° Qualifications: Loud voice

° Location: Delhi 🇮🇳 🙈
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She's hoping to convince European politicians to make changes to the current rules on Brexit.

They say it's a non-starter.

The drip, drip, drip of climate change is on display in London ❄️ 💦
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The Wikileaks founder accuses the embassy of carrying out a surveillance operation on behalf of the FBI.

If you've got $250,000 lying around, passenger trips are slated to start in about 3 months.

The world's oldest skydiver isn't doing it for the records.

She's doing it in memory of her daughter.
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