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Let’s preview the next few hours worth of vote counting, as America starts to hear the alarm clocks dinging, rubs its eyes and checks its phone (hi y’all!). (short thread) via @business 

GOOD NEWS: Today may be one of clarity for the presidential vote count: NV: Could get much of rest of vote in, maybe calls AZ: We might know how secure that AP/Fox call is as Maricopa dumps again PA: Much more to be counted, starting at 9a EasternPatience, but clarity coming.

NEW from Singapore: social distancing reminders via postage stamps

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Seeing a lot of suggestions from the USA that Covid-19 can't be controlled at all. It's a hot take that requires the world pretend Australia and New Zealand and mainland China and Singapore and Hong Kong and Macau and Taiwan and Vietnam and Thailand just don't exist.

"The agreement underscores how U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2017 decision to withdraw from a different Asia Pacific trade pact... diminished America’s ability to offer a counterbalance to China’s growing regional economic influence."

@JohnKreger  Norm is screwed. There is no end to this in sight. Just an infinite reciprocation of baked goods and hotdish. One of you will have to move.

Major breaking news --> Moderna vaxx 94.5% effective. But the bigger news, maybe: Good for 30 days at refrigerator temperature.

"The optics underscored Trump’s disinterest in such forums. After a flurry of tweets, he delivered his own remarks before leaving the virtual session and heading to his golf course"

A view from China of Trump's performance at the G-20 so far (note the political cartoon)


Trump and Stephen Miller made last-second changes to his speech after others left the room. "Among the changes they made: deleting a sentence where Trump said he and Melania were sending their prayers and love to people suffering from the illness."

BREAKING: Rep. Clay Says St. Louis County Police to be Relieved of Duty #Ferguson 

The West is mistaking something big on Singapore's response to Coronavirus. Schools are open here and have been the last two months. There is a lot of telework, but things are generally still open. Difference incl. widespread testing, paid leave, 14 day timeouts if exposed.

I don't think people appreciate that the coronavirus economic hit isn't going to be solvable the same way most recent crises have been absorbed or handled. A short thread...

BREAKING --> Burger chain Shake Shack will return its entire $10 million loan from the U.S. government amid widespread criticism of who's getting the money when a lot of mom & pops couldn't. via @business