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Reporting on solutions to the #climatecrisis, the latest green technology, and the people leading #ClimateAction and environmental protection.

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"Currently we can't think about protesting on the streets. We know we are in a crisis, as well as our health systems around Europe. We don't want people to die, that's why we are staying at home." @PapatheodorouA 

"Let us remember this pandemic is taking place against the backdrop of an ecological crisis." @TasneemEssop  @CANIntl 

Wondering what the animals at @zooberlin  have been up to during the #CoronaCrisis ? Take a look: 🐼🦓

#buyflowersnottoiletpaper is trending after flower exhibits closed down due to the #CoronaCrisis .

What a coastal community in #India  does with the plastic that the clean out of the ocean: 🎧

Sanjana Paul described the events as an "untapped model of #ClimateActivism ," and hopes they will provide solutions to some of the most pressing global climate issues. @earthhacksorg 

This artist in #Cairo  makes art using scrap metal to show that #Recycling  can be beautiful ♻️

"A global pandemic doesn't mean the climate crisis will stop, so we must continue to strike to keep up the pressure." @DylanHamilton2  #ClimateStrikeOnline 

Are you more like an ape, and miss human contact, or a bird, and happy to spend more time with your partner? 😂


Being cropped out of a photo with @GretaThunberg  "turned out to be a positive thing" says Ugandan#climate  activist, Vanessa Nakate, @vanessa_vash 

This house in Nigeria's Abuja is made of over 200,000 plastic bottles and is the largest of its kind in Africa.

Two Chilean engineers presented a water-soluble grocery bag completely free of oil derivates in an effort to stop #plasticpollution 

Activists are being evicted from #HambacherForst  in Germany so that energy giant RWE can start clearing trees for its coal mine expansion. But it seems there's information missing from the discussion. Here are 5 things you should know about the situation on the ground

It's Earth Overshoot Day – humanity has already used up all of the planet’s resources needed to live sustainably for a year. Every year, this day comes earlier – but not all countries are equally to blame for overshooting our natural budget #MoveTheDate 

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Australia: Two thirds of the world's largest reef are now affected by bleaching #GreatBarrierReef  #globalwarming  #coralbleaching 

The fishermen of Tierra Bomba have been using dynamite to fish for decades - it's a tough job to tell them to stop but Yassandra Marcela Barrios Castro takes on the fight - to protect the marine ecosystem. #Activism  #ClimateProtection  @sherrifflucy 

Today is #EarthOvershootDay . That means humanity has not only consumed more natural resources in just 7 months than are available - it also took us three days less than last year.

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Now, here is someone on the #COP23  podium who has to be heard. Timoci Naulusala's home is experiencing the impact of climate change already. The 12-year old from Fiji has an urgent message to the delegates in Bonn.