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That belief, that there will be a post #coronavirus  boom, is shared by plenty. Although when, and at what cost, nobody can say, not even the world's leading virologists.

🎞 If working from home hasn't driven you crazy yet, you're doing well! Cristina Cubas has some tips for keeping your spirits up during this challenging time. 💪 #COVID19  @dwcubas 

💰🩹 Bankers or care workers? Whose jobs are 'systemically important' in times of the corona crisis? 👉

People have been stockpiling products in reaction to the #coronavirus  crisis, highlighting one of the world's most underestimated of cultural assets: toilet paper. When was it invented and what did people use before that? 🧻🧻🧻

#Recession: What does it mean and what is it like? #COVID19 

About 55% of Mexicans work in the informal economy. As they continue to work in the face of #coronavirus , they're caught in a bind: their constant exposure to the elements and to passersby threatens their health. The shutdown threatens their livelihood.

The #COVID19pandemic  has brought change to society and to daily life that we're hopeful will be a passing moment. But perhaps this is the kind of tipping point that we secretly crave - a slowing of society? @zulfikarabbany 

Every Friday since the youth climate movement @FridayForFuture  began in 2018, students have been taking to the streets to protest for a greener future. Now, in times of the #COVID19  virus, such demonstrations have ground to a halt. 🌎

Pollution and greenhouse gas emissions have gone down as countries try to contain the spread of the new #coronavirus . 🌎


In Delhi, an 'Oxygen bar' gives Indians a gulp of fresh air. Low air quality has given a business opportunity to entrepreneurs offering pollution-free oxygen at a price.

The #CIA  has access to all files, and can turn cameras on and off... to spy on each one of our lives, says #Wikileaks 

Morocco’s ‘mule women’ in back-breaking trade ?

Did it go down well? Watch reactions to @realDonaldTrump 's #WEF18  speech from those who attended the event.

"Russia is such a corrupt country that it’s not a place you can invest”. Russia’s most wanted man – once, one of the biggest foreign investors in the country – @Billbrowder  – speaking to DW's @BenFajzullin  at #Davos  for #WEF20 ...

"Agriculture is not a way of life. It is a wealth-creating sector." Food for thought from African Development Bank president

Test results in 2.5 hours! The german company #Bosch , together with Randox Laboratories, has developed a new quick test for #Covid19 . It should be available in Germany from April. According to Bosch, the accuracy is 95 percent.

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Land loss threatens indigenous communities worldwide #Brazil 

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#StormDennis has given passengers of this Etihad Airbus a chilly helicopter feeling during landing at London Heathrow. 😱

#Catalonia 's indepence vote is this Sunday - but could a yes bring economic fallout for the region? 's says no