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Takes very little to make me do a dirty protest. If a bus is 10 minutes late I turn the bus stop into a scatological Jackson Pollock
You have to pay taxes. You have to pay platform fees. Cleaning a room between guest, again, seems pretty fundamental. All these should be included up front.
So not £75 a night, then. What's an extra 60% between friends? @Airbnb really needs to sort this out.
Odd decision and even odder justification: Head of UK civil service confirms permanent dual role
Tallies: raised in north Yorkshire by people from Midlands.
This bang on about the either utterly credulous or downright cynical German handling of Nord Stream 2 | Putin’s pipeline via @TheEconomist
I would love to read a biography of the Johnson Troop from the perspective of a 23rd century PhD student. "How one family in late-capitalist Britain..."
Populism (in its proper academic sense!) is arguably most apparent in Britain within parties. Given members have a boatload of power now - and a willingness to use it - this is a problem.
Best way of understanding the shift is this useful analysis from @ProfTimBale

The Most Relevant

It's all kicking off in the European Parliament
If you are ever stuck for names for your hot new start up, just zoom into a random area of a Dutch map.
Battered and bruised, Theresa May limps into enemy territory
Boris Johnson, a man who wants to untangle 43 years of EU law in UK, has just described a bit of tarmac in west London as "undeliverable".
£160,000 for a website is punchy. And that gala event had better have been fun for £400,000.
Shout out to the folks who paid for drugs with Bitcoin in 2012 and snorted up the equivalent of a deposit on a house.
Nasty, dangerous and extremely unBritish paragraph from Boris Johnson's Brexit piece
Leaving EU's Dublin rules on asylum drastically increases incentives for people crossing channel like this. It means you can't be deported back to first EU country you entered. Britain will probably end up with more asylum seekers. Which is fine by me, but probs not Farage.
John McDonnell says a memo has gone round Labour MPs: "If there's a picket line in your constituency it is your responsibility to join it."
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