Drake Baer

Drake Baer

Deputy Editor, Strategy @businessinsider. Writing a book about embodied cognition + evolutionary ecology @StMartinsPress. Alum @nymag,@FastCompany.

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We are hiring a data journalism fellow: come work with the incredible @AndyKiersz 

the partial quote is the play-action of newswriting: subtle, high utility, introduces optionality

If you're wondering why it seems like people live in completely different worlds, it's because they are. (My book publishes in a couple weeks omg)

" the idea that someone can be a professional and a parent — and that kids function with only minimal awareness of this thing adults do called work — is no longer news, exactly."

Individual responsibility, bootstraps, etc:

corroborate: hard to spell on the first try

"Called 'Underground House Plan B,' the concrete bunker is shaped like a flying saucer and comes with a rooftop helipad."


Seeking early-career journalists for a fellowship on my desk. Covering jobs, careers, management, organizations, psychology, and the broader story of what it means to succeed in America today.

A renegade photographer got inside this lawless city 119 times denser than New York

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In 1982, Steve Jobs presented an amazingly accurate theory about where creativity comes from

We have @mcuban  on the @thrive  podcast this week, and it's awesome:

We are looking for a reporter to cover management, leadership, business strategy, and the intra-organizational dynamics by which companies succeed or fail:

Machine learning is better at derm than dermatologists: