Drake Baer

Drake Baer

Deputy Editor, Strategy @businessinsider. Writing a book about embodied cognition + evolutionary ecology @StMartinsPress. Alum @nymag,@FastCompany.

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Seeking early-career journalists for a fellowship on my desk. Covering jobs, careers, management, organizations, psychology, and the broader story of what it means to succeed in America today.

Extremely sad to hear about the layoffs at BDG.

We are looking for a reporter to cover management, leadership, business strategy, and the intra-organizational dynamics by which companies succeed or fail:

What do you call it when a kraken battles a kraken? A ~squid~ pro quo

x axis: semicolon frequency y axis: self-importance

"Interestingly, Herzog has been bringing up WrestleMania in interviews for nearly two decades now."


A renegade photographer got inside this lawless city 119 times denser than New York

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In 1982, Steve Jobs presented an amazingly accurate theory about where creativity comes from

We have @mcuban  on the @thrive  podcast this week, and it's awesome:

Machine learning is better at derm than dermatologists:

11 insanely successful philosophy majors show that Marco Rubio was totally wrong still need to add @kevloria