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I’m loving kanye’s pivot to writing copy for those hilarious magnets about booze on your mom’s fridge
@Nicole_Cliffe @CarsonSieving i had to sing gary indiana in front of every student/teacher/parent at my elementary school. my voice cracked during “Let me say it once again” and everyone went “awww” at the same time. i turned bright red and died of embarrassment on stage but still managed to finish the song
This is what it looks like when i try to talk about pop music with my friends
Dick Wolf should make all the Law & Orders unavailable and start his own Law & Order streaming service and get rich(er)
Law & Order is so much better than Law & Order SVU. I really don't care about cops' personal lives, I just wanna see some LAW and some ORDER!
Morning Joe is still the best reason to get up at 6am and smoke a giant bongload
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