This stray dog refused to be caught for 3 years — but the woman who loved her never gave up 💜

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Congratulations to @DanielPemberton  on his #GoldenGlobes  Nomination for Best Original Score for #MotherlessBrooklyn !

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Miss SA #ZoziTunzi  not only impressed the 2019 Miss Universe judges, who awarded her the crown, but media maven Oprah Winfrey too.

For the record: I’m holding off on watching the #GhostbustersAfterlife  trailer for the first time until I’m at work so that we can do a live reaction video. It’s killing me. ❤️

"No matter his party or his politics, if the president places his own interests above those of the country, he betrays his oath of office," Rep. Jerry Nadler says. #ImpeachmentPBS  More:

6 books to help you answer big questions about yourself:

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@JiayangFan  reports from Hong Kong, where, in the past six months, an estimated 1.7 million people—around 20 per cent of the territory’s population—have marched in protests against Beijing’s influence.

"Every data point" about American efforts in Afghanistan "was altered to present the best picture possible," said one senior military adviser. #ReasonRoundup 

Studies have suggested that gifted people often have bad handwriting because their brains are working faster than their hands.

WATCH: "President Trump put himself before country," Rep. Jerry Nadler says. #ImpeachmentPBS  More: