"I was chilling at the bus stop, and out of nowhere I come across this scene" 😂

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um...WHAT?! 😱 The scary truth behind the extensions you put in your hair

iPhone Battery Always Running Low? 8 Tips To Prolong The Battery Life...

The spotted lanternfly first appeared in the U.S. five years ago. Now there are hordes of them spreading across Pennsylvania — with experts saying they'll likely reach most of the country eventually. And the bugs are hitting vineyards especially hard.

Typically, vegetables in a visual-sense make me experience no emotions upon viewing them, however when I see the bin of pumpkins at the grocery store I become extremely excited. 🎃🎃🎃

Striking GM Workers Deserve Our Support-/Despite the many obstacles and tarnished national UAW leadership, everyone needs the workers in this strike to win. via @thenation  @rsgexp 

We're excited that "Aretha! A GRAMMY Celebration For The Queen Of Soul" took home a @TelevisionAcad  award for Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Variety Series or Special. 🎵❤️️ Congratulations to everyone who made this celebration possible. #Emmys 

Naomi Klein: ‘We Are Seeing the Beginnings of the Era of Climate Barbarism’ via @thenation 

Jim Carter jokes that Penelope Wilton is "very, very forward" and a "minx" after getting a kiss from his #DowntonAbbey  co-star on the red carpet