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This dog's transformation is the best Christmas miracle ever 🐶❤️🎄
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This dog's transformation is the best Christmas miracle ever 🐶❤️🎄


We want that "Money" 💵 too, Cardi B's (@iamcardib)!

Watch her full performance at the 61st #GRAMMYs, before she took home the GRAMMY for Best Rap Album, 'Invasion Of Privacy.'
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Many of the progressive media outlets that trumpeted the #JussieSmolletHoax have gone dead silent. This is how fake news works: amplify the allegation and then suppress the truth when it comes out
When a whale swam up to this woman and wouldn't leave her alone, she was freaked out — until she realized he was saving her life 🐳 (via @Caters_News)
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the cover of frank ocean's ‘nostalgia,ULTRA’ features his “dream car”—an orange 1980s BMW E30 M3 🙏🧡

frank's debut mixtape dropped today in 2011—best track??
This golden retriever is a criminal mastermind — but he keeps his mom laughing while he steals everything 💞
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Amazon delivery days are the best days if you’re a cat.
i have waited lifetimes to find you...
okay but how did Lonzo lowkey bury T-Pain 😂😭
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unbreak their hearts -
devaststing -
the trauma tattoo
thanks to trump

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Get the lowdown on Bristol’s street-art scene and the best things to do in the city this year. @therummer @lidobristol @MassageLoop @mshedbristol @ashton_court @ssGreatBritain @wshed @VisitBristol @WardrobeTheatre @bristolurbanar @BristolArtsDev .@AnnaB..
Do you live in India - have you ever had to “be like Rajat” in your WhatsApp group to prevent the spread of rumours or misinformation? Tweet us your experiences and your thoughts about this WhatsApp campaign:
UNLIKELY BESTIES: This dog and possum in Gazette, Australia are best friends
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The Oscars® truly celebrate and champion the best of cinema from all over the world. Which country do you think will win this year? #HappyOscarsToYou #Oscars
“I had to sacrifice everything to keep this body ticking over – giving up things I didn’t even know I wanted...My uterus still decorates for an inhabitant every month, and still tears down the walls when none ever comes”
The UK's Official Record Store Chart: @yak_band's Pursuit of Momentary Happiness was the best-selling album in indie record shops this week
What's the scariest film you've ever seen? See if it features in this Top 10...
.@seanibremix has an incredible show today 1-4pm with the best bits from our #1XJamaica tour 🇯🇲

Including this beautiful session from @JDKmuzik 🙌
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