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You can help save her from this awful place. https://t.co/d1SLfIKLT0
Learn more about @Nowzad, the organization that works to help and rescue stray dogs in Afghanistan, featured tonight on #DodoHeroes https://t.co/71tirGjANZ
It's almost time! Tune in now on @AnimalPlanet so you don't miss tonight's amazing episode of #DodoHeroes, featuring @Nowzad 🐶❤️
When this couple rescued a stray pit bull, she kept trying desperately to escape and they had no idea why. (via @pinkypawsresq)
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This dog is very sorry he chewed up his bed 💚
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This little bird still comes back to visit the lady who saved his life 💛
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This dog only sings when his FAVORITE little girl plays piano 🎶💕
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This boy bunny's uptight and his sister's a mess — but they're PERFECT together 🐰🐰💕
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There are only 114 left in the wild — but he barely got punished. https://t.co/9p9lNeDR69
She just made her first drug bust. https://t.co/1iaVZsf5Ad
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