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#TheCrew #Review: Only watch it if you are fan of visual effects https://t.co/U2LJNUlIgF


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There’s silence on Danforth Ave. in the early-morning twilight as police officers watch over the barricade at Broadview Ave. Some who live nearby are only beginning to fathom the chaos of last night’s mass shooting.
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@NCorralesINQ @denmacaranas @dzIQ990 @MinerINQ @deejayapINQ @JMAurelioINQ Duterte: If you think I can be dissuaded from continuing (illegal drugs war) by your protest, which I find misdirected, you are wrong. #SONA2018 @JMAurelioINQ|

"You only live once," said a 90-year-old woman from east Nanjing, China, who is also a survivor of the #NanjingMassacre. Watch how Ms Zhao lives a life of color--who has been a runway model since she was in her 60s.
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