Ms. Jane ?ya lil bitch

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apologies for catching a cold right before I pulled up on yall NYC 🤧 your energy was so infectious, it carried me the whole performance hehe thank uuu for rockin w me heavy n for being the best spot to close my headlining tour ahhhh ilyyy forevaaa 💙💙

don’t come to my room then 🌚

whoah ... 😂 sis said SKIPPITTY SKIP SKIP

same same .... 🙄 wait .. I don’t cook so imma assist on getting decorations together

this face n them edges 🤤🤤 mhmm

ion care about arguin i’ll still be here tomorrow

Ms. Jane on ya lips baby .. 💬loading


80k RT's and I'll do a mini Mariah Carey cover . I can't believe I'm doing this

. I'm proud of u babe! It takes courage to do what you just did! I love &&support you always ❤️ 🏳️‍🌈 #ThatsMyGirl  #LoveWins 

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Throwback to the original version of me & my girls

follow spree in the morning RT and I'll be following some of you #WorthItVMA  in the AM love you