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In today's Digg Edition: 🙈 These Comedy Wildlife Photos Will Brighten Your Day @jamescrugnale ) 📺 How The Kardashians Killed The Show At The Center Of Their Empire @elliewoodward ) ♻️ The Plastic Recycling Scam@LauraSullivaNPR ) Read & subscribe:

For years, residents of Berry Creek had been ordered to evacuate to escape fires that never came. This year it was different, as the North Complex Fire roared through the small mountain town, leaving death and destruction behind.

"I'm buying myself back": Emily Ratajkowski@emrata ) on reclaiming her image, for @TheCut 

Democracy's not looking so well these days. Here's a reminder of a just slightly less tenuous time in the form of letters that outgoing presidents have written to their successors. From @JMPoff , inspired by @BeschlossDC :

From a Siberian tiger hugging a Manchurian fir tree to a fox chowing down on a goose, the winner's of this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year from @NHM_London 's competition are stunning.

Over at @Slate , @josh_levin , @aarontmak  and @jon_fischer  did the lord's work in decoding the redacted names in the Ghislaine Maxwell deposition that was released today. Check it out.


Adam Sandler and Justin Bieber casually met on the street and it was super chill:

Trump impersonator @JLCauvin  wants to clear some things up about that whole "disinfectant" situation:

Alex Trebek mercilessly roasts this poor contestant talking about her nerdy hobbies:

A single dose of psilocybin, the key ingredient in magic mushrooms, can reduce anxiety and depression for 8 months:

A Dutch news satire program made this fake ad to raise awareness of "nonsensical rifle addiction" in America:

Squirrel steals GoPro, accidentally takes us on a beautiful tour of the trees:

Comedian @JLCauvin 's Trump impersonation is eerily good, and he's got some fresh thoughts about CNN and Dr. Fauci: