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Star-Telegram writer thinks this DFW boys basketball team will win state this weekend. #uil  #HighSchoolBasketball  #basketball 

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Cigarettes could stage a comeback in 2020

'People trafficking is an international trade, it is organised by serious criminal gangs who are making a lot of money.' Thurrock local MP @JackieDP  says it will take multilateral action to tackle 'clandestine' arrivals. More on the Essex lorry deaths:

It sounds to me like some US diplomats differ with President Trump's foreign policy approach. Under our system, when that happens, do you think the president ultimately has the say on foreign policy? Or are diplomats independent freelancers who should implement their own views?

You might groan when you board your airplane and realize you're next to a screaming child, or find yourself squirming when the person next to you takes their shoes and socks off. But how would you feel if you ended up next to a 70 pound, pot bellied pig?

WATCH: Shaquille O'Neal says "Daryl Morey was right" to speak out and support Hong Kong protests

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Boris to push for general election if EU grants extension, as Brexit will definitely be solved by a slightly different minority government.

Netflix is renting out Broadway theaters to give its original films a splashy debut

HAPPENING NOW: Striking teachers continue to march in Chicago, calling for smaller class sizes and better pay.

A team of @nytimes ⁩ journalists including @NYTBen ⁩ and @ivorprickett ⁩ get a peek inside one of the prisons holding thousands of ISIS men and dozens of children:

Woke capitalism is trickle-down economics with a cherry on top.