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Devi Sridhar

Prof & Chair of Global Public Health, Univ of Edinburgh Medical School. Director, Global Health Governance Programme.

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Good news from study on Pfizer: 'vaccine could significantly reduce risk of transmission from people who are asymptomatic, as well as protect others from getting ill.'-> good sign, means we can build towards stopping transmission with a vaccine (like MMR).

Does anyone know zoom/teams etiquette about eating during meetings? Asking a year in...

Made the mistake of signing up for a dog walking website & being sent photos of lonely dogs by the hour. It’s like Tinder for dogs & all I’m thinking is- do they have a nice personality?

Should a waiver of intellectual property rights for COVID vaccines be agreed so all countries esp poor ones can have adequate supply?

Happy Sat! ☀️ Blue skies: are you getting outside for fresh air & exercise? Seeing vaccine results emerging across world, I’m optimistic of the way out of this crisis. Just have to vaccinate everyone quickly (incl kids) & keep R<1 while unlocking. 🤞 more normality into summer.

And Saturday shout-out to the fantastic COVID research team at @GlobalHealthGP  at Edinburgh Uni - @genevie2587  @DrInesHassan1  @Patel_Jay_  @upisnotdown  @JoeyBrooke  @jjagreyM @adriel24674168ats Stage Baxter @afropuffzorna  Thompson - thanks all 🙏🏼 🙌

Woah- 33.4% of adults in Scotland vaccinated. 👏 Huge thanks to NHS Scotland @Carolineslamb  Scotland’s CMO @DrGregorSmith  & all those involved in vaccine delivery incl. my buddy @EmmaCormack4  on front-line. They’re the people solving this crisis- not the angry keyboard warriors.

In Germany, bizarrely, people refusing AstraZeneca vaccine. Short interview on why ANY vaccine you’re offered, you should take (better than getting COVID) & why vaccinating as many people as possible, as quickly as we can, is the way to end this pandemic.


Top German scientists: 1. Herd immunity not possible bc immunity too short. 2. Not feasible to go 'shield vulnerable' approach bc impossible to fully identify & isolate them. 3. Potential serious, long-term damage to young/healthy also from this virus.

Herd immunity didn’t develop to cholera, yellow fever, smallpox, measles, TB, malaria, or plague -> public health measures were used to control them until vaccines or elimination strategies were developed.

We will be stuck in an endless cycle of lockdown/release for next 18 months, if we do not start mass testing, tracing, & isolating those who are carriers of the virus while pursuing rapid research for antiviral treatment or vaccine. This is the message the public needs to hear.

From everything I can gather, the UK situation with this new variant is not good. Please avoid seeing other households indoors, wear face coverings, avoid crowded places and be extra cautious for the coming days. Ignore those who say it’s not a big deal & play it down.

It it ok to both realize a lockdown is needed to suppress COVID and protect health services, as well as despair at being in another lockdown.

Biggest mistake UK made (& continues to make) is seeing COVID like flu that will become seasonal & come back each winter rather than like SARS to push to eliminate. Aside from lives & NHS strain, economy & children are paying an unacceptably high cost for this approach.

This is what happens if you open up recklessly & too quickly without adequate support from public health infrastructure.

The real question about Christmas-> do you want to expose the people you love to this virus? Do you want to be responsible for the virus spreading at your home, or as a guest in someone else's? If you don't, be cautious. Don't need govt to tell you that. It's common sense.

Same people- who go on holiday abroad/mixed freely over Christmas period- complaining about: schools in online learning, restrictions in place, and NHS wait-times for A&E. How to communicate that we're all connected? Your decisions affect me. My decisions affect you.