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Latest Scoops

Must watch video- Build a logistic regression model using #watson to predict which goods a customer might buy. https://t.co/NW8aH2AI5V
Scan your app to find and fix #OWASP Top 10 - 2017 vulnerabilities.
https://t.co/71GeLXOPBD | #Security | #AppScan
Insights and notes from the API Strategy & Practice conference in Portland last month! Sean Dague discusses event technologies, webhooks, serverless computing, documentation and more, gleaned from the conference. https://t.co/qXZRHAJKya
New enterprise-ready click and deploy Bot Asset Exchange to help #Developers discover, configure, and deploy #bots.

https://t.co/jhjIyoG46D | #AI | #IBMcode | #CodePatterns
Catch up on all the news and announcements from KubeCon 2017 around Istio and service mesh! IBMer Lin Sun provides a look inside as a conference speaker. https://t.co/NEgCj7BpYF
FREE @RushTix trial ~ See how Jill and her RushTix team built Roscoe, the chatbot to help people discover new local, cultural events. https://t.co/kayUs7Klwv | #Chatbots
Live webcast on 12/19 @ 11am EST: Curtis Miles leads an interactive demo of coffee trading with #blockchain Bring your phone! https://t.co/M7y21NVeL2
New Tutorial- Customize #JSON binding with annotations and runtime configuration. https://t.co/sJYFHPNW48
Pt: 3 Learn how to install Hyperledger Fabric on your computer, and deploy the business network archive. https://t.co/kG5ccJWs22
IBM contributes more than 120 new open source Code Patterns, including code and documentation, to help developers build AI, Blockchain, Cloud solutions and beyond. https://t.co/VAmv0x2ZFb | #OpenSource #CodePatterns #IBMCode
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