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Latest Scoops

Donatella Versace has announced that the luxury brand will no longer use fur https://t.co/bztVbWG1th
A lawsuit has come in like a wrecking ball on Miley Cyrus, who faces legal action for supposedly lifting seven words off another song’s lyrics https://t.co/0ZbMTwZi71
“For me, this was true freedom...I was superman for those few minutes.” https://t.co/xWF9heqZHR
A shirt that gets straight to the point https://t.co/050tK27yfa
11 money-saving habits of wealthy individuals https://t.co/2M3FRYeIAj
Amazon has teamed up with Japanese label AMBUSH for an unlikely apparel collection https://t.co/NtprzaLssb
Remixes of Nike’s ‘Air Max 97’ could be headed toward a bolder direction thanks to Nike x Virgil Abloh https://t.co/cYGTBi8Gyt
Having already launched in more than 190 countries, Netflix thought it was time to make its move up north—specifically, outer space https://t.co/l031jIlVsw
Physicist Stephen Hawking was also a Redditor, and his final posts are making their rounds in light of his passing https://t.co/gtWZEgXPm4
Golden typography tips, from designers to designers https://t.co/yjcyZvWu10
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