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Desi Anwar

Senior Journalist/Anchor of CNN Indonesia and Host of 'Insight with Desi Anwar', Writer, Traveller, Photographer, Nature lover. Latest book: Faces and Places.

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Farewell dearest Pak Habibie. We will all miss you. Rest In Peace and deepest condolences to the loved ones left behind 🙏🏻😔

It was barely a couple of months ago that Om Rudy and I enjoyed a lovely chat over a cup of tea... 😔😢

Enjoying my relaxing weekend 🎈😃

Happy Sunday everyone. Don’t forget to do some physical exercises 👍🏻otherwise you’ll be chubby like me...😅🎈

RIP Aristides Katoppo. You are missed by all of us 🙏🏻😔

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Here’s a train from Bandung entering the Sasaksaat tunnel. Quite a rare sight from this perspective 🚂

My work is fortunately my pleasure 😇 this time on a shoot in Wakatobi 🌴🌞🏖🌊🐠🐟🦑🦐🦞🐙

Chilling after a hard day’s work... 🐱🎈🍭

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Doing some underwater yoga 🐠🐟


Stay away from negative people...

The art of answering questions is to answer the questions, not make speeches...

Only you yourself can make you happy. Don’t demand happiness from other people...

Don’t assume that everything is about you.

Let's not provoke. Let's not be provoked.

Being too attached to our identity can make us forget our humanity

Politics is bad for your health...

Sometimes what you need is just to be alone...

When people hear things that contradict their beliefs, the logical part of their mind shuts down and their brain prepares to fight...