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Latest Scoops

NFL Owners Approve Plan to Suppress Players’ National Anthem Protests https://t.co/f1UU4LBuqP #TakeAKnee
"Conservatives are not an oppressed group. They’re a group that’s currently in power. I don’t see why Facebook would be investigating bias against them." - @culturejedi https://t.co/Hve8tHCTPA
“The Tale”: Astonishing New Movie Tackles Filmmaker Jennifer Fox’s Reckoning with Child Sexual Abuse https://t.co/5TzyZM6YeG
Read Amy Goodman's latest column, with Denis Moynihan—After Latest Gaza Slaughter, Open an Investigation, End the Occupation https://t.co/fVPdFpb21w
Volcano Lava Reaches Geothermal Plant and Pacific Ocean in Hawaii, Risking Public Health Disaster https://t.co/KPmGVD0SMO
Trump Cancels Planned Summit With North Korea’s Kim Jong-un https://t.co/qxCWN0T1qy
NFL Bans National Anthem Protests On Same Day Video of Police Tasering of NBA Player is Released https://t.co/Ha4dFc2heS
Missed the show this morning? Listen to the podcast: https://t.co/gCadWUZQhr
Breaking: A week after Vice President Mike Pence threatened North Korea with so-called "Libya model," Trump has canceled June 12 nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
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