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Latest Scoops

German forest protector: "We will not stop destroying this planet if we don’t overcome capitalism and domination" https://t.co/88THFzVJ8q
"A lot of the conflict that we’re having between herdsmen and farmers is caused by climate impacts, not religious." https://t.co/wmMcRfjwvn
Jesse Bragg, @StopCorpAbuse: The U.S. isn't "bringing anything to the table" at COP23 "besides the fossil fuel industry’s agenda" https://t.co/aeAOlWh5AJ
We are still looking for volunteers for Juan González's event in New York City on Tuesday, Nov. 21. Sign up here: https://t.co/qaVEcNFP62
South African climate activist @kuminaidoo: "What we are dealing with is a problem that you could call climate apartheid" https://t.co/JI8bEhqIBh
"If it’s legal for a company to destruct our whole planet, that means that it’s time to also resist against state power" https://t.co/S8wExz0YEw
Burmese Military Accused of Widescale Rape Against Rohingya https://t.co/r8qwqlpbat
Nigerian environmental activist @NnimmoB says bloodshed in central Nigeria is "clearly traceable to global warming." https://t.co/xOmDwqhFY3
Russia Vetoes Security Council Resolution on Syrian Chemical Attacks https://t.co/sCaVHBLsUW
U.S.-Led Coalition in Iraq Killing Far More Civilians Than Acknowledged https://t.co/5cnhi8yAas
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