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Latest Scoops

Bernie Sanders' policies would have an "immediate positive impact" on the lives of black people and in black communities, says @KeeangaYamahtta: https://t.co/C03UquHCN1
Undocumented activist Maru Mora Villalpando: "We believe that ICE was created with a specific intention. It’s not only to deport people. It’s to destroy people… They're Trump's police now" https://t.co/HPXU10r5cj
📸 Demonstrators in Park City, Utah today turned out in a snowstorm for a "Respect Rally" #WomensMarch #Sundance
Watch: Brooklyn-based musician @HeladoNegro talks with Amy Goodman about his artistic and political influences and performs in our studio https://t.co/v3Foi7R0ap
.@profsassy on the fallout from police violence: "There’s something about the very unique nature of state-sponsored killing that is very devastating to people and affects your whole life" https://t.co/J4Qkq50peG
"There are almost 240 million eligible voters in the United States, and almost 100 million people did not participate in an election that was discussed as the most consequential of our lifetime." https://t.co/xkcxig1reH
Listen to Amy Goodman's podcast this week: Trump's Roundup of Immigrant Leaders Has Begun https://t.co/V8cjtOjFjS
Paul Booth, Labor and Antiwar Activist, Dies at 74 https://t.co/bIT8gfAfrv
LA Times CEO Accused of “Frat House” Behavior and Sexual Harassment https://t.co/nnpbr4rgXD
Hear Ravi Ragbir's "Letter from an Immigration Jail": https://t.co/BT2qpCpRbe
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