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Latest Scoops

Naomi Klein: Companies like Exxon, Shell & BP should be "paying the bill" for disasters like Harvey https://t.co/tAEDz1Yjnz
"I didn’t realize that I was undocumented…I thought everything we were going through had to do with just being poor" https://t.co/OmbT0C3reH
U.N. Leader Gives Climate Warning as U.S. Continues Exit from Paris Agreement https://t.co/BcX2LlGXtV #UNGA
Immigration Activists Disrupt Event Held by Rep. Nancy Pelosi https://t.co/OlPAIePHrQ #DREAMAct
"Do I think the Democrats can be more forceful... in their claims for rights of the immigrant community? Absolutely" https://t.co/g9hjls978C
Georgia Tech Students Protest Police Shooting of LGBTQIA Group's President https://t.co/3rY9IBd6ob #ScoutSchultz
.@NaomiAKlein: As Trump fails to deliver on economic populist promises, racism in the U.S. is "going to get worse" https://t.co/WvAnYabviV
Indian Government Moves to Deport Rohingya Refugees Amid Ethnic Cleansing https://t.co/O38VXGtLh3 #Rohingya
Nigeria: Suicide Attack in Borno State Kills 12 https://t.co/ZPdhFcEuns
"What a warmer world means is that there are fewer and fewer breaks between the extreme events" https://t.co/tAEDz1Yjnz
Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (@RepGutierrez) on Category 5 Hurricane Maria Barreling Toward Puerto Rico https://t.co/lP6bdKFDLy
Category 5 Hurricane Maria Threatens Storm-Ravaged Caribbean https://t.co/TL3m2fVUSt #HurricaneMaria
Trump's Childhood Home is Now an @Airbnb Where Refugees Slept Over to Protest Immigration Crackdown https://t.co/XXW5DMDWpv
Meet Dulce Garcia: DREAMer & Immigration Lawyer Who Is Suing Trump for Ending DACA https://t.co/bfOTzqU5Qm
Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (@RepGutierrez) on Why He's Protesting Trump's "Racist" Policies, Like Ending DACA https://t.co/GQhBYuqqAr
Today we looked at the political showdown over DACA and Trump's policies toward refugees. Listen: https://t.co/s5T9Ggkxb1
Naomi Klein: Trump renegotiating the Paris climate accord could make the agreement "even worse… even weaker" https://t.co/AzAIXWIdno
@IsraSpeaks @OxfamAmerica Eiman Ali, whose family fled Somalia: "It's a common myth that we have limited resources in this country… It's really about compassion " https://t.co/Z1ZbJIUGeB
Happening now at https://t.co/Xup8cdtnFB: @IsraSpeaks and Eiman Ali on renting out Trump's childhood home to advocate for refugees
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