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@itaisher  The scandal is that the 2nd WT is not taught showing (a) which income distribution is needed to decentralize the Pareto optimum that maximizes a sensible SWF, & (b) which SWF is maximized by the current distribution of wealth.

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@ExumAM  @EvansRyan202This  is rooted in the reaction to Oliver Cromwell—and the decision afterwards that officers should be landlords younger sons who needed jobs, rather than professionals or Puritans or (heaven forbid!) risen from the ranks...

@JakeAnbinder  But abusing the landmark process to increase American inequality through NIMBYism is, in the long run, going to make genuine landmark preservation much more difficult after the levee breaks, whenever that comes to pass... 2/END

& in that year the legionary wage was how many HS?

Maggie Haberman : The jokes I watched/he @maggieNYTrd  about her eye makeup weren’t making fun of her appearance?... Scott 'antisocial distancing' Slater : Do better, .... smokey @slaterama 👀 "a makeup @maggieNYTlassic  that never goes out of style"...

@mattyglesias  @MattZeitlinG  @nhannahjonesood  history focuses on central tendencies, variation, & the particular beliefs, attitudes, & actions of those who turn out to be crucial butterfly-wing flap actors! People who talk about "colonists " or "rebels " or "Tories " as one undifferentiated mass are not terribly serious!

With clever engineering and tactics, Caesar overcomes his logistical difficulties and begins to turn the tables on the Pompeian army in Spain:' Caesar ordered his soldiers to make ships of the kind that his knowledge of Britain a few years before had t...

Want to insult a man call him a woman—as, for example, the New York Times allows and encourages Maureen Dowd to do for Democratic politicians only. Want to insult a woman... It's time for all hands on deck: "hell among the yearlings and the Charge of...

@btshapir  @dlmillimetBack  in 1994 I was sure that economics was going to follow physics into —if only out of physics envy. But it never happened...


I think it is fair to say that the already-broken American political public sphere has become significantly more broken since November 8, 2018. On the center and to the left, those like me in what used to proudly call itself the Rubin Wing of the Democratic Party—so-called 1/

Again if you want to negotiate with China over IP, you start by joining and strengthening the TPP so that the TPP can then confront China about the rules of the globalization game in the Pacific. You do not blow up the TPP on day 1, then follow that ...

@Undercoverhist  @Econ_MarshallI  remember back in the... spring of 1981, I think it was. I asked my professor, William Thomson, visiting from Rochester, roughly this: "The utilitarian social welfare function is Ω = U(1) + U(2) + U(3)... The competitive market economy maximizes a market social welfare 1/

Thus those of us who have pushed for lightly and cleverly regulating markets to achieve the social democratic ends of strong and equitable growth need to: 1. wake up, 2. recognize that the world is not as we thought it was, 3. adjust. That is all. 12/

No matter what our domestic economic problems, it is still essential to remind ourselves that for humanity as a whole the years since 1980 have seen the greatest improvement in economic well-being, globally, of any forty-yer period in human history. ...


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for the U.S. Senate to not confirm Judy Shelton when they vote on her nomination.... Shelton has been a vocal supporter of bringing back gold... Her support has Wilcox triggered. Shelton’s advocacy of gold-defined money just shows she properly understands money... 17/

* In a well-run society the top executives of Perdue pharmaceuticals should now be in jail for life for how they responded the market forces by addicting Americans to Oxycontin. * It is a very different world in the world I thought years ago that I lived in. 11/