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.@GOPWhip Scalise returns to the Capitol after medical procedures to help his recovery from gunshot wounds last June at baseball practice. Says he's back out on campaign trail for GOP candidates next week
On AZ-8 @WhipHoyer notes Dem candidate lost but spins it as a Democratic win because party closed big gap and made GOP spend money in what was supposed to be a safe seat
Macron warns US Congress on climate change - "let's face it there is no Planet B"
President Trump on his own pick for VA Secretary, Ronny Jackson, whose nomination is running into big problems on the Hill: "i wouldnt do it - what does he need it for?...I really don't think personally he should do it"
.@NancyPelosi sounding very confident on 2018 midterms at Georgetown town hall this morning, repeatedly saying "when we win" ..."when we take over in January"
Amid partisan Senate vote on NASA Administrator's nomination mood in Senate chamber turned into bipartisan lovefest as baby Maile Duckworth arrived - making history as first infant on Senate floor
New Quinnipiac poll shows close Texas Senate race - independents would be key for an O'Rourke upset in November https://t.co/xKuU0P7f4a
Sen Tammy Duckworth, who recently delivered 2nd child, proposes rule allowing babies on Senate floor - via @SunlenSerfaty -- https://t.co/anSNTfT7qO
.@SpeakerRyan defends Trump Administration on Russia - says policy"far more hawkish" "far more realistic" than Obama Administration
.@SpeakerRyan on tax cuts warns about Hill Democrats "they are promising to take it all away" -- a theme we are likely to hear now through the midterms
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