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Things getting testy on House floor - Democrat asking that TX GOP Rep Pete Sessions be sanctioned for his words slamming Schumer/Ds for shutdown
Business halted as floor staff sorts out the spat
GOP Meehan's spox on NYT story he settled sexual harassment claim: "Congressman Meehan denies the allegations. Throughout his career he has always treated his colleagues, male and female, with the utmost respect and professionalism" (from @jmsummers )
VA GOP Rep Taylor says he'll donate his pay during shutdown to veterans charity & urges Sen Schumer, VA Sens Kaine/Warner to do same
House GOP members continue to hammer Senate Democrats on the shutdown #
"They chose the path of dysfunction" - GOP Conf Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers
GOP Rep Patrick Meehan, who NYT just reported settled sexual harassment claim, was a no show at the first House vote series today
wow - GOP Rep Meehan, member of the ETHICS committee, settles harassment case involving female staffer with taxpayer $ - https://t.co/fNwKV2YXMB
where we're at:
both sides still fighting over yesterday's bipartisan DACA mtg (that never happened)
GOP said Dems never showed
Dems said GOP cancelled mtg
.@SpeakerRyan opens the House floor railing on Senate Democrats
"we do some crazy things in Washington but this is utter madness"
calls their approach demanding DACA "a shakedown strategy"
A shift in the Dem message:
IL Dem Rep Gutierrez: "It’s not about a wall. We’ll build him a wall. Tell us how high you want it. But free the dreamers"
WH leg affairs chief Marc Short told reporters President Trump and McConnell spoke by phone - and no DACA talks
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