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As Caravan Of Migrants Heads North, Trump Threatens To Close Southern U.S. Border https://t.co/lGYqYKVeXW
How Does A Red Seat Turn Blue? Utah Race Tests Democrats' Strategy To Take The House - via @scottdetrow https://t.co/SzyUGQJgre
Voter Turnout Could Hit 50-Year Record For Midterm Elections https://t.co/8jvJaOPmai
Obamacare a top issue in the midterms - @HorsleyScott lays out what's at stake for future of health care law depending on who controls Congress -- https://t.co/DUVhPTiJKd
.@NancyPelosi, asked at Harvard IOP about the border wall the President wants Congress to fund -makes it clear Democrats not willing to help: "It happens to be like a manhood issue for the president and I’m not interested in that”
Pelosi on impeachment at Harvard IOP event: calls it "very divisive"

"That isn’t a path that I would like to go down."
.@NancyPelosi speaking at Harvard Institute of Politics says if the election were today "we would win the majority...wave of tsunami we'll see in 3 weeks" But she says House races "all very, very close"
Battle For The Senate: 10 Races That Will Determine Control https://t.co/SfaEYpKgCP
White House "daily" briefings fade as President Trump does the talking - @tamarakeithNPR examines the trend - https://t.co/nCe5iEc5Pj
As States ramp up election security could they be deterring voters? - @MilesParks finds some overseas voters having issues https://t.co/NukbFruxDz
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