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Senate overwhelmingly approved a resolution that opposed making former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul or any other current or former U.S. officials available for questioning by the government of Vladimir Putin.
The vote was 98-0.
Cornyn objects to Flake-Coons resolution backing intel/DOJ, and Flake says he's disappointed and will bring it back up
Cornyn adding on Russia resolution: "I think we should consider sanctions" not just sense to the Senate resolutions "that have no sting" and points to @SenateMajLdr move earlier directing Banking/Foreign Affairs committees to look at more sanctions
#2 Senate GOP Leader Sen Cornyn raising concerns about Flake-Coons resolution backing intel/DOJ/FBI saying it's
"purely symbolic" & saying committees should be working on the issues surrounding Russian interference
"Trump derangement syndrome as officially come to the Senate" - @RandPaul says on the Senate floor, lambasting Democrats for attacking the president
House Republicans pushing back at Democrats' push for more election security grants, maintaining that there is money left in existing program and most states haven't submitted requests for $ yet
House Democrats trying to turn debate on spending bill into a debate on giving states money to combat potential Russia interference in 2018 elections - pressing for a vote on adding $ to the bill & complaining the GOP wont agree to it
"There’s never been a president as tough on Russia as I have been" - @realDonaldTrump
asked if Russia still interfering, President responds "no"
Court documents show Maria Butina was in touch with Russia intelligence & offered sex in return for a position at an interest group she was targeting -- via @johnson_carriehttps://t.co/QkkeiE87Xe
.@SpeakerRyan says Mueller should be able to carry out his investigation “nothing has changed”
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