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Manchester.. it was an honor to perform for you all. Thank you for being such an incredible audience.. you are so strong.. 🙏
Sorry Not Sorry was nominated for #ChoiceSongFemaleArtist! Let’s win this thing. RT to vote for me or tweet “My #TeenChoice for is Sorry Not Sorry by ” 💃@ddlovato
Thank you so much for the Teen Choice Nomination for #ChoiceFemaleArtist! 😍 RT this to vote for me or tweet "My #TeenChoice for is Demi Lovato ”@ddlovato
.@xtina this ALBUM!!! 😍 Guys it’s sooo good. Do yourself a favor and listen here: https://t.co/IPPSO1911X #Liberation
Feeling cute in my @Fabletics Stretto II 🌊☀️ https://t.co/LTXFrCiNHU
Who else can’t sleep?
Is it bad that I can’t focus on it because of how hot the son Todd is?
Watching the staircase on Netflix... it’s sooooo good. Anybody else watching it?
Life is a balancing act. Had so much fun working with @COREdrinks on this new campaign. Check it out. https://t.co/WUMquBdzOu
Well guys I made it through the show!! I’ve never sang in falsetto so much in my life but I still had fun!! Thank you Glasgow!!! ❤️
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