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Suns out, buns out @fabletics 🕶🌞 https://t.co/jBdq1s1B1Q #ad
Never been more proud of a song in my life..
Recording my new album and I just hit a note so high I peed a little 😳
You make mistakes too
Solo, con Clean Bandit, está disponible en español ahora! Que lo disfruten! 💃 https://t.co/Kc3vNoEN4U

(Solo with Clean Bandit is now available in Spanish!)
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It makes me so happy to see you guys voting for #SorryNotSorry as best pop video. I had so much fun making it with all my friends. ❤️ Keep it up! https://t.co/lbSiLQSiR4 #VMAs
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Wish I could kiss you right now. 😘 Wearing @fabletics #Demi4Fabletics #ad https://t.co/jBdq1rK0ai
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Lets #BeTheGeneration to end extreme poverty. On 2 Dec, join @GlblCtzn to call on world leaders to fight malnutrition, end unnecessary disease, educate children, repeal laws that hold women back, and ensure clean water for all. Go to https://t.co/YSvp0UvSBD for more details 🌎
One year later... 😱😭❤️ thanks for everything #SorryNotSorry
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