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  3. a day in the life of the president who doesn’t watch much tv primarily because of documents.
A day in the life of the president who doesn’t watch much TV primarily because of documents.
A day in the life of the president who doesn’t watch much TV primarily because of documents.


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A father-of-two who went into cardiac arrest in Waverley station has spoken about the life-threatening incident for the first time.
Hat-trick for Stuart Broad! The England seamer removes Bryan Charles - as opposed to Brian Charles Lara - and the CWI President's XI are 131-11!

England will continue bowling all day.

Scorecard 👉 https://t.co/pl2Zz8ubUo
"It feels like a month we've been on the road. We had a good win to finish the trip, a good day yesterday and a good practice today. We can't wait for tomorrow night." - @nicolas88batum #Hornets30

Watch interviews with JB and @bismackbiyombo now on https://t.co/BzkRIrrehy!
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Richard Jefferson Tomi Lahren tweet deleted because it was a hoax designed to get me to make fun of conservatives who say they're trapped in the closet.
I hope everyone is having a great night out there:Because we are very happy for the Win.
Thank you all so much for your support. We are Focus already on the match of the 21th .
Life is good . Keep on going Hilalis 🐾🐾💙
WATCH: Highlight's of a record-equalling 62 from @ShaneLowryGolf on the first day in Abu Dhabi. 10 birdies, no bogeys, and the Irishman has a three-shot lead https://t.co/r6uFfX3xPk
Donald Trump's fast food reception for the Clemson Tigers at the White House has grabbed the headlines.

But there are some athletes who would feel right at home with the President's menu.

@bbcthree take a look 👉 https://t.co/GcCj3TEhPB
Do you want to spend the day with me in Atlanta at Super Bowl 53? Come out to eat with me, watch me work, & see behind the scenes of what goes into this great event. Join our $21 charity raffle for your chance to hang out with me in Atlanta - https://t.co/JrGZmNNE59
A brand new #CounterAttack with @GregMescall is now live from Greensboro, NC. Look back at the @usawpODP East Regional, look ahead to the USAWP Assembly Weekend, women's college season is underway and much more.

WATCH: https://t.co/HbLSN6AE3Y #WaterPoloWednesday
The lawyer whose sex/racketeering scandal has rocked Israel all day is none other that Israel Bar Association President Effi Naveh. He's a beaut. https://t.co/To98Z8Ij2i
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