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Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star. I write about the 2016 election and other U.S. happenings. Reach me at ddale@thestar.ca.

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@imbeccable Not from you, but I feel like nba players get too much flak for their giant beds. Not because of their height - just because an awesome bed is objectively a way better purchase than a fancy watch or something
Going on MSNBC @Lawrence to talk about the very functional United States government
In another new poll today, Canadians were asked specifically about the Trump presidency rather than the US in general. Approve: 13%. Disapprove: 70%https://t.co/uId9p7S1ag.
@SonnySandberg Two part answer: 1) Canada has conservatives and Trump supporters. 2) The question is not specifically about Trump - perhaps some percentage approves of the US as a leader in other ways.
Gallup didn't provide a specific number, but it reports that a higher percentage of Canadians currently approve of China's leadership than the United States's leadership. That's quite an accomplishment.
Gallup survey finds Canadian approval of US leadership plunged from 60% under Obama in 2016 to 20% under Trump in 2017, a record low.

It's now 20% approve, 76% disapprove. Pew's slightly different survey, released in June, found a Canadian decline from 83% to 22%.
They’re not sending us their best, extreme vetting, best people, etc.: There was a Hungarian warrant for Sebastian Gorka’s arrest, for “firearm or ammunition abuse,” the whole time he was in the White House. https://t.co/xTJPuZwvz4
Trump tweets this morning:
- I’m going to PA to campaign for a Republican (White House: No he’s going to talk taxes)
- I don’t like this CHIP business (Paul Ryan: No he actually does)
- The Wall has always been the same (John Kelly: No)
- Mexico will pay for The Wall (Mexico: No)
@TimAlberta @Reuters I think it was asked once or twice in gaggles in the immediate aftermath of his tweet, but he dodged, and it's since been dropped.
@TimAlberta @Reuters The one thing I'm puzzled reporters aren't asking is: when did you know Flynn had lied to the FBI? That question might be central to his Mueller fate, and there've been so many chances to ask since his tweet suggesting he'd known before firing Comey.
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