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Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star. I write about the 2016 election and other U.S. happenings. Reach me at ddale@thestar.ca.

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The positioning of his left (west) foot in front of his right clearly shows he is holding out for the season to sign with LA
Thanks! I’m wondering more broadly than this one claim - like does he ever sound like a legit lawyer?
In 2012 @KFILE, found, Republican congressman Jason Lewis said that black people have a “cultural problem” that tells them it’s OK to commit violence against women and hate gay people.
The Republican congressman who complained that he can’t call women “sluts” anymore also had thoughts about black people, such as: “When there is a predominantly black festival, there’s trouble.” https://t.co/SF1VW5XdBJ
In response to all these “womp womp” responses - Alcoa never wanted these tariffs in the first place, had lobbied Trump not to impose themhttps://t.co/a9vzNYpSx7.
There’s a tiny corporate constituency in favour of the aluminum tariffs. Even the U.S.’s Aluminum Association is opposed.
Alcoa, America’s biggest aluminum producer, says it’s being hurt, not helped, by Trump’s tariffs; says a particular problem is the fact that Canada, where it also does a lot of production, didn’t get the exemption “everyone assumed” it would. https://t.co/aYISsqzLVh
Senate Finance chairman Orrin Hatch writes to Trump to say, "If the administration continues forward with its overreliance on tariffs, I will work to advance legislation to curtail Presidential trade authority." Not clear on what would be his final straw. https://t.co/uLnEyRabGt
There's a major mismatch between the Trump-era trade views of Republican voters, which have changed dramatically to match Trump's protectionism, and the views of Republican senators, most of whom subscribe to the party's previous free trade orthodoxy.
Opinion on trade policy has been incredibly Trumpified: Pew finds 73% of Republicans think more tariffs will be good for the U.S., 18% think bad for the U.S.; for Democrats, it's 15% good for the U.S., 77% bad for the U.S. https://t.co/KbV6eAZOso
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