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Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star. I write about the 2016 election and other U.S. happenings. Reach me at ddale@thestar.ca.

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Going on PBS @NewsHour to talk about Trump lying very regularly.
Trump, complaining of California efforts to reduce water use, said this afternoon: "They have so much water they don't know what to do with it." The federal government's drought authority says 63% of state residents and 48% of its land are in drought. https://t.co/DHf8JtiBtg
@NoceraNYT I'm not making any assertions about the quality of community colleges. He's claiming that vocational schools no longer exist and that community colleges didn't exist when he was growing up.
Trump has concluded his speech. That was an address to the White House State Leadership Day Conference. I'll post the transcript of the California part when it's out, because that was something.
Trump tells his usual lies that part of The Wall has been built and that San Diego was begging him for The Wall. San Diego's council and Republican mayor oppose the project.
The president complains that community colleges teach English and Latin. His suggestion is that these silly places have replaced good old-fashioned vocational schools. They have not.
Trump with his usual completely nonsensical complaint: "When I was growing up you had vocational schools...We've gotten rid of vocational schools, and we've replaced them with community colleges." They. Are. Different. Things.
Trump calls up EPA chief Andrew Wheeler to tell him to make things easier for oil ships in Texas, an issue he said people in the business were complaining about to him last night.
Trump says California actually has huge amounts of water and it's disgraceful that people have to have non-grass lawns. "You have so much, you don't know what to do with it. It it is a disgrace."
Trump: "I know California well. And I see houses, beautiful houses, people are very proud of their house. THEIR LAWN IS BROWN. It's dead. It's dying, it's dead. And they end up taking it out and just have SAND in front of their houses."
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