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Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star. I write about the 2016 election and other U.S. happenings. Reach me at ddale@thestar.ca.

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Game 7: Gobbledygook over grammar
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief Mulvaney tells banking executives that as a congressman he only meet with lobbyists who'd given money to his campaign: “If you’re a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn’t talk to you." https://t.co/ClKTGYDFn6
13 injured in Toronto: Sammantha Samson, Samantha Peart, Morgan McDougall, Mavis Justino, Catherine Riddell, Aleksandra Kozhevinikova, Amir Kiumarsi, Yunsheng Tian, Jun Seok Park, Amaresh Tesfamariam, So Ra, Beverly Smith, Robert Andersonhttps://t.co/PnYFELIXGE.
Four of the 10 murdered in Toronto:
- Chul Min (Eddie) Kang, a chef
- Munir Najjar, who was in from Jordan visiting his son
- Dorothy Sewell, great-grandma and sports fan
- Anne Marie D’Amico, 30, investment firm employee and dedicated volunteer
Here’s Trump’s public schedule for tomorrow. (Public schedules don’t include all of a president’s activities.)
Toronto police say the victims of the van attack are predominantly female; they don’t currently have evidence women were deliberately targeted; accused killer had posted on Facebook praising misogynist killer Rodger. From @jpags @wendygillis @powellbetsy: https://t.co/rKM4TlnBZh
Just a Toronto Sun city columnist amplifying and endorsing a British bigot conspiracy guy’s bigoted fiction about the biggest news in the city. (Via @goldsbie)
My gosh Levy
that is both nightmarish and kind of impressive to me
Trump has now made 1,486 false claims over the first 458 days of his presidency - 4.2 per day in 2018, 3.2 per day overallhttps://t.co/tUlVsaIQoY;
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