US sending Brazil 2M doses of hydroxychloroquine and 1,000 ventilators

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This morning, had an extremely fruitful interaction with @sundarpichai . We spoke on a wide range of subjects, particularly leveraging the power of technology to transform the lives of India’s farmers, youngsters and entrepreneurs.

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The price people have to pay for doing their jobs efficiently - only in BJP's new India.

During our interaction, @sundarpichai  and I spoke about the new work culture that is emerging in the times of COVID-19. We discussed the challenges the global pandemic has brought to areas such as sports. We also talked about the importance of data security and cyber safety.

I was delighted to know more about the efforts of @Google  in several sectors, be it in education, learning, @_DigitalIndia  , furthering digital payments and more. @sundarpichai 

Leader Kevin McCarthy ”congressman omar, born in another country living in a refugee camp...america ...opens its arms and brings her family in, she is in the first generation gets elected to congress -- wants to dismantle america instead of duplicateing america around the world”

These numbers are enough to expose the irony in HM's statement and also their failure to fight this pandemic.

Massive government ad campaign warns your holiday will be trickier after Brexit

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How can we make transportation more sustainable in Europe? We are looking to promote alternative fuels, digital solutions and affordability of all transport means. Share your views and ideas on the #SmartMobility  initiative on our #EUHaveYourSay  portal: