Republican / Department Justice

Zuckerberg is reportedly attempting to build relationships in Republican circles to help fend off potential pressure from @realDonaldTrump ’s Department of Justice.

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Republican / Department Justice

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I want to thank @ArianaGrande for not only being a wonderful entertainer, but also for being such an outstanding advocate for social justice. We must all be prepared – like Ariana has shown – to fight for everyone who is struggling. It was great to meet her in Atlanta last night.

In 2015, I voted to ban fracking. Jo Swinson voted to keep fracking. You can't trust the Lib Dems to tackle the climate emergency.

If the Conservatives have nothing to hide about US trade talks, why can't they publish these censored documents in full? Under Labour, our NHS will never be for sale.

REP. STEFANIK: “And in fact you testified quote, ‘President @realDonaldTrump  never told me directly that the aid was conditioned on the investigations, end quote?’” SONDLAND: “That's correct.”

President @realDonaldTrump  visited the @Apple manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas, with Apple CEO @tim_cook  today! 🍏

Latina women in America must work for 23 months, on average, to make what white men earn in a year. Equal pay is not radical. It is not extreme. It's an issue of basic justice. We are ready to fight for decent, fair wages for women everywhere. #LatinaEqualPayDay 

Some Trump campaign officials, WH aides, and GOP lawmakers were "blindsided" by Sondland testimony and "freaking out" earlier today, sources tell @sarahcwestwood  and me. One source said Sondland's testimony was "really bizarre," adding he was throwing top officials under the bus.

If someone walks into the room carrying a soaking wet umbrella and wearing rain boots and a raincoat, do you have to see outside to conclude that it might be raining? #DefendOurDemocracy 

The lives of at least 22 transgender or gender non-conforming people have been lost to violence this year. Many were women of color. On this Transgender Day of Remembrance, let's say their names and reaffirm our commitment to making the world safer for transgender people.

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