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Under The America First Healthcare Plan, we will ensure the highest standard of care anywhere in the world — cutting-edge treatments, state-of-the-art medicine, groundbreaking cures, and true health security for you and your loved ones!

Just landed in Florida. WOW, what a crowd, MASSIVE! Going to win FLORIDA BIG!! Live on @FoxNews , @OANN , and @cspan ! #MAGA 

We will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions!

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We are providing better care, and more choice, at lower cost. We are delivering a healthier, safer, brighter, and more prosperous future for EVERY citizen in our magnificent land – because we are proudly putting AMERICA FIRST!

The president says he will issue “the first-ever executive order to affirm that it is the official policy of the United States Government to protect patients with pre-existing conditions.” Obamacare law provides that protection currently.

This is our Governor in Joplin on Monday. Joplin is one of the largest Covid hotspots in our state. He and his wife (pictured) both have Covid as of yesterday. And deaths from Covid in our state are UP 186% !!!! over the last 2 weeks. Highest death total yet was yesterday.

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For the first time ever, we will create true competition in healthcare. Both hospitals and insurance companies will be required to post prices online. You will see your exact out-of-pocket cost BEFORE treatment and be able to shop for the best price.

33 MILLION Medicare beneficiaries will soon receive a card in the mail worth $200 to help cover prescription drugs!

Christopher Wray: FBI has not seen evidence of national voter fraud effort by mail - Axios