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At least 20 have been arrested and 18 have been charged in connection with a "loosely-organized" string of violent robberies in Minneapolis, MN. Groups, ranging in age between 13-27, target vulnerable, sometimes intoxicated, victims.

Former @realDonaldTrump  campaign manager @CLewandowski_  is now being questioned by a private contractor on behalf of Congressional Democrats. 🔽 WATCH LIVE🔽:

@Jim_Jordan  suggested the American people would be "better served" examining how "this whole false accusation started." He openly castigated his Democratic colleagues for holding the hearing as part of their impeachment investigation.

In Israel, @netanyahu 's rival says there's no need to wait for official results to form a unity government, kicking off a negotiation that threatens to end the longest-serving prime minister’s career.

“Our nation has secrets, and those secrets deserve to be protected." @usairforce  implores public to NOT storm Area 51.

@RepDoug Collins was denied appointing himself as "staff" to question @C Lewandowski_ for 30 minutes following House Democrats appointing a private contractor to grill Lewandowski. Collins called it a "sham" and @RepJerryNadler  adjourned the hearing.

When THAT person at work volunteers to help.

"Dystopic society": @Facebook  moderators left psychologically teetering after viewing graphic material daily.

@RepJerryNadler  threatens to hold @CLewandowski_  in contempt for "unacceptable behavior" during his testimony before the @HouseJudDems .


Pence says President Trump has "no higher priority than the safety of the American people." #CPAC2019 

"It'd be hard for the Democrats to say, 'well, we started an investigation we shouldn't have and continued it by breaking the rules, but we want to impeach a President for trying to obstruct that investigation that never should've started.'" – @RepRatcliffe 

For the first time in his presidency, flipped an appeals court to now have a majority of Republican-appointed judges

Kamala Harris is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most dishonest senator

"We are standing up for your values," Trump said closing his rally in Springfield, Missouri. "We are standing up for our national anthem. To continue this momentum, you need to get out and vote Republican. Together we are taking back our country."

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NBC sat on evidence exonerating Justice Kavanaugh, discrediting Michael Avenatti and his clients' accusations