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john r stanton

DC bama living in New Orleans, writing about the border, sex work, and addiction. formerly of BuzzFeed National Desk and DC Bureau Chief.

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I don’t know why anybody thinks Dan Snyder will go less offensive with the team name. He’s mad petty and extremely racist. He’s more likely to name them The Slaves than something inspirational

Damn @AriMelber  brought the heat tonight cataloguing how long black artists have been telling the world about state violence and racism for decades in this country - and how to this day white people have put the boot to their necks.

She sees directly into your soul, and judges you accordingly. She is Pretty Pretty Princess Meow MeowJawsy Jaws, Soul Judger of The Republic

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Billy Graham was a heretic huckster who perverted the teachings of Christ to line his own pockets by giving politicians moral cover for some of the most diabolically evil shit of the post Hitler era.

Between him and Pope John Paul II it’s hard to calculate the number of poor, oppressed people who were murdered with their blessings. The 80s were very messed up

I know @vikkie  thinks we’re bein cute but someday soon she’s gonna wake up and instead of @MigoThePug  she’ll find one of those cards that plays music when you open it. And it will play Chuck Brown’s classic Bustin Loose as Migo Tha God frolics in freedom in a safe house

Why is there a desert in Brazil in Fast Five

The Rock throws so many people against the ceiling it’s incredible

Some churches here are including snowballs in their free food pantry packages, which is the mostly wonderfully New Orleans thing. Cause it’s hot as a mug right meow and everybody could use a cold, delicious treat.

Listen, I have never like Kanye much as a musician, and I definitely don’t want to wear used adult diapers on my feet. But somebody needs to step in with that bama, cause dude is off the fuckin rails and them people around him are definitely feeding the madness


This isn’t a “border militia” and they’re not “detaining” or “arresting” people. This is a white nationalist terrorist group kidnapping desperate people.

A 6 yo asylum seeker nearly died of cardiac arrest in Nov. after having been taken into custody by CBP. A 5 month old is being treated for pneumonia after being held in a CBP “icebox” cell. A 7 yo died in CBP custody. Those are just the ones we’ve learned about the last 10 days

Racism isn’t a political tactic you discuss the practical pros and cons of on national tv. Racism isn’t a form of social tension. Racism is a violent, hateful ideology that has resulted in the deaths of untold millions of people and should treated as such. This isn’t hard.

So we’re gonna all just blow past the president of the United States threatening private citizens who accuse him of rape, huh?

Mark Zuckerberg is not defending free speech or fighting corporate control of speech. He’s protecting his business model, which is based on human suffering, hatred, and crippling the local, national, and international news systems that would otherwise act as a check on his greed

I feel like the President threatening to execute his enemies and preparing for a war should be a bigger deal

There are countless reasons why the people who are fleeing their home countries come to the southern US border, it's mind boggling. But 1 thing always sticks out when you talk to these people, who come not just from Central America, but from Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Since the beginning of Nov, a 6 year old nearly died of a heart attack, 7 year old Jakelin Caal died, and an 8 year old boy died, all while in the custody ’s El Paso sector. In Cal, a 5 month old was treated for pneumonia after being held in an “icebox” cell.