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"Thanks so much for this draft—there’s some really good stuff here!" the editor's note began, sending the writer into a deep debilitating depression.

In a release, @wutrain  claims $100,000 raised in first two days after announcing her candidacy for mayor last week. Hard to read much into it until I see OCPF filings after end of month, but that's a nice piece of change. #bospoli 

Is that final “nothing in it for you” a threat?

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... Anyway, I’m sure there will be so much backlash from all the conservative libertarians out there, over this outrageous intrusion into business practices, that he’ll have to walk it back. Right?

... What's the worst that could happen? he asked Black people. Today's answer: ban attempts to reduce racist behavior, and decry those efforts as unpatriotic.

BTW, sorry I don't have the clip handy, but in the scrum an hour or so ago Trump claimed that from the beginning the original estimate was 200,000 US deaths from COVID-19 "if we do a good job," which is a whopper of stupendous proportion.

... if there had ever been any discussion about appointing Gore electors, if it seemed like the recount was heading in Gore's direction, and FL lege appointed Bush electors? It had clearly never occurred to him. I said...

... what if that situation had developed, and his former guv Bill Clinton had called him to suggest it? He said: I would have assumed it was a prank and hung up.

So far, Trumpland message-setters are making some obligatory tweets about the RonJohn Hunter report raising troubling questions, and how the media went wild about Don Jr's meeting w/Russians but not this. But they don't seem to be really pushing it.

These are my "related accounts" according to something called SparkToro; I don't understand what it means, but now I really want to arrange a night out with this group. @StephMurr_Jour  @Tori_Bedford  @RalstonReports  @camilledodero  @deehan  @EmmettGPriceIII  @ESQPolitics  @kadzi 

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Meanwhile, in the world of decent people, President Obama signed the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act today.

Back-to-back in my Trumpland message-setters feed this morning: Biden-Harris is the choice of Wall Street, and of radical socialists and anarchists.

Not for nothin’, but in 2004 the Dem Prez nominee was a Vietnam war hero who devoted the rest of his life to admirable public political service; the right viciously belittled, fabricated, and mocked all of it, including his Purple Heart.

White guys in MAGA hats chanting “build the wall” at indigenous people is a whole level of dumbassery.

I think the anti-Trump protest movement has had far more effect than many on the left seem to think. (1/)

Says man who paid for ads calling for the (innocent) Central Park Five to be executed.

I usually prefer to ignore Ben Shapiro, but I’ll just point out that when you support killing over homosexuality on religious grounds you’re badly mis-reading which of those two things your God chose to put in his top ten list of direct commands.