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Those people are going to be so disappointed when they find out that Area 51 is just where all the decks go that are missing one playing card.

String of endorsements for @KenzieBok  continues with the #D8  councilor she wants to succeed, @joshzakim . Big #bospoli  momentum heading into Tuesday's prelim for the Zieb.

... Also, once again, someone should try to get Biden to stop using cultural reference points that are more than 50 years in the past.

The clumsy @RepJoeKennedy  rollout continues: he plans his #masen  announcement for the day after a mass climate demonstration brings attention to @EdMarkey 's signature issue. And, from what I can tell, JKIII isn't participating, prob b/c he's avoiding press before the launch.

Lotta Dems today calling for impeachment & criticizing House Dem leadership, and somewhere Seth Moulton must be like “I BEEN SAYIN”

Just sittin’ over here wonderin’ when the @BostonGlobe  might report on the election coming up in three days in the city that’s in its name. #bospoli 

Fun fact: The Globe’s endorsement of @votehalbert  is the paper’s only mention of him all year other than a couple of times including his name in a toss-off list of people running for councilor at-large. #bospoli 


Meanwhile, in the world of decent people, President Obama signed the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act today.

UH-OH: A tourism research firm forecasts US will have 6.3 million fewer foreign visitors next year b/c of Trump.

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Not for nothin’, but in 2004 the Dem Prez nominee was a Vietnam war hero who devoted the rest of his life to admirable public political service; the right viciously belittled, fabricated, and mocked all of it, including his Purple Heart.

White guys in MAGA hats chanting “build the wall” at indigenous people is a whole level of dumbassery.

I think the anti-Trump protest movement has had far more effect than many on the left seem to think. (1/)

Says man who paid for ads calling for the (innocent) Central Park Five to be executed.

It is SO WEIRD that FOX News is ignoring the #womensmarch  after being so critical of media for under-covering Tea Party protests in '09.