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Latest Scoops

It is official. I am a ‘Weird Crush’.
It was a joy to leave the depressing news behind tonight and go to the @BFI to watch two Laurel & Hardy classics on the big screen. ‘Sons of the Desert’ and the iconic ‘The Music Box’. https://t.co/DefpuNAlyS
It is around this time of night that I start listening to ⁦@nickcave⁩ This is ‘Love Letter’. https://t.co/gSqV0zZqAd
I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Brexit. x
Let’s make this happen again so ⁦@SimonCowell⁩ is forced to go and live in a cave. ⁦@BGT⁩ ⁦@OfficialNTAs⁩ Please vote here https://t.co/5hLauJkdwz https://t.co/Ti7arrSSPW
As a child I thought of them as my funny uncles.
This is a perfect film. ‘ROMA’ from ⁦the genius @alfonsocuaron⁩ ⁦@NetflixFilm⁩ https://t.co/vwHsa4vDkO
My mum thinks @bbcstrictly is better but you can vote for @BGT at the @OfficialNTAs here... https://t.co/5hLauJkdwz
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