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Worth a read, pragmatic, deal making behind UK vaccine program. Interesting. 👇UK vaccine supremo Kate Bingham: ‘The bickering needs to stop’ via @FT 

Why emigration explains a lot. My @IrishTimes  take 👇

Podcast time! After the world’s longest Lockdown where’s Ireland’s “lockdown dividend”? And, Joe Biden, a man on an economic, social and democratic mission.

Are Ireland’s relatively low Covid deaths due to emigration?

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On a European football night loving this 1990 classic, Morrissey's homage to Roy Keane when Roy was bossing the park......Roy's Keen by Morrissey #NowPlaying 

This week's podcast talked about having "Skin in the Game" and how without it, there can be very little good decision making. Here is a chat I had with the great @nntaleb  on this very subject @JaipurLitFest  a couple of year back. He's v astute. Enjoy.👇

Podcast time. This is a little gem. We go Asia to assess the new muscular China from the tinderbox this is Taiwan w' the fantastic @AngelicaOung  - fascinating and troubling stuff. Plus America's 20% corporation tax push, what it means for the economy?👇

Why "Japan won't be able to fart without China's permission" - and other great insights by @AngelicaOung  on the economics and politics of Taiwan👇

He was pretty good in the crown though!

Podcast time! End of the tax holiday? Time to re-think Ireland's game with the brilliant @AdamPosen . Looks like we are going need a new trick! Enjoy


Denmark with same population at Ireland, plus far more older people as % of population, accessing vaccines from same EU fund as Ireland, expects everyone to be vaccinated by June! Same population, same supplies as Ireland but v different results. Why? 👇👇

Let’s call it a “Lock-in” not a “Lock-down””. Lockdown sounds so brutally American with macho SWAT teams shouting at people, but a Lock-in is much more Irish. It’s gentle, homely, evoking craic, chats, slow pints, & small ones. Crucially, it’s all a bit bold too! #CoronaLockin 

The DUP was offered an economic package that most countries in the world would bite your hand off for. An opportunity to make NI an international free trading hub between EU and UK, starting today. Massive investment opportunity for their people. And what did they do? Reject it.

My 84 yr old mother in law in Belfast got vaccinated yesterday, will get 2nd jab on Jan 21s and will be free to live her life. My 85 yr old mother in Dublin has heard nothing from anyone. Two grannies, one island, two outcomes. This is pathetic. Get our vaccine act together🤔

In 1953, when Winston Churchill was prime minister for the last time, 91 per cent of Irish exports went to the UK. Today, that figure is 11 per cent and falling. The affair is over. Let's move on and not worry too much about what is happening over there. The world has changed.

What is really tragic is that NI could've been in the position to benefit enormously economically from "special status". Constitutional position absolutely protected by Good Fri Agreement - no threat. But DUP's choice is "flags and flatulence" over prosperity and pragmatism!

Please make all this #LeavingCert  BS stop. It is a giant pub quiz - nothing more; which rewards a certain, narrow type of intelligence & humiliates hundreds of thousands of other, highly creative, beautiful minds.

Why are our Ireland’s vaccine plans so slow? Contrast with the 250,000 Israelis vaccinated already & they plan to vaccinate 150,000 a day, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can a medic tell me why we can’t replicate this or something close it it? This is an emergency!