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Financial crimes editor, Bloomberg News. Ex-@nytimes, ex-@GWtweets. Queens native. Opinions my own, because whose would they be?

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After SCOTUS stopped 2000 recount, Al Gore "didn’t reject that ruling as partisan, rant about rigged systems...He felt that the stability of the country hinged on the calmness of his withdrawal. So he told Americans to move on"


Israeli defense minister quits over Gaza truce, calls it 'surrender to terrorism'

WSJ: Mueller Probes Possible Witness Intimidation by Roger Stone

Rep.-elect @DanCrenshawTX:

"Was I really outraged by SNL? Really offended? Or did I just think the comment about losing my eye was offensive? There is a difference, after all. I have been literally shot at before, and I wasn’t outraged. Why start now?"

AI sleuths are exposing employees who file bogus expenses

Don't say you weren't warned

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Watch Mattis visit troops on the U.S.-Mexico border

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Trump Says Reporters Don't Have Right to Enter the White House

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BREAKING: White House, in response to CNN suit, tells court the president has "broad discretion" to ban Jim Acosta
"A major study claimed the oceans were warming much faster than previously thought. But researchers now say they can’t necessarily make that claim."

https://t.co/r4cGnHEj8G @chriscmooney @brady_dennis
Alan Greenspan says a rising U.S. debt burden could derail the current expansion and warned the tight labor market could lift inflation

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