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NBC News’ Attempt to Demonetize The Federalist is Illiberal Insanity

Trying to erase history is one a characteristics of an illiberal society. We have no reason to engage in it.

Roberts super strict on the paperwork re DACA. On Obamacare, the opposite.

'Not in a million years, not if all the nation’s prestigious public-relations firms were mobilized for the cause, could gun manufacturers have conceived of a more effective advertising campaign for their product than the “defund the police” movement.'

Shaun King thinks ancient Egyptians were black? When do we get the woke 1619 version bible?

The recent surge in gun sales includes 2.5 million new individual gun owners -- and women accounted for around 40 percent of these buyers. More in my new magazine piece on the #2A's  resilience.

The couple protecting their home from trespassers will get far more scrutiny than any rioter or looter.

Defund the police -- also let's have federal mandate for mask-wearing, enforced by the police.

To this point, more Americans have died in New York nursing homes than have died in the entire state of Florida, which not only has a larger population but a population that skews older.