Hi, look sorry your country is being invaded, but before I release the military aid Congress voted for you to defend yourselves against the adversary that also helped make me president, I need you to fabricate a smear against my probable presidential election opponent

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Seven year old James Younger decided he was a girl after watching the movie “Frozen.” His deranged mother went with it and now a Texas judge @kimcooks4judge  has ordered the “transition” against the wishes of the boy’s father. Child abuse!

So Trump gave up joint U.S.-Turkey patrols so we could see joint Russia-Turkey patrols on the border of NATO ally? #facepalm 

Today, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to ratify the accession of the Republic of North Macedonia to @NATO . This is good news for a strong, healthy alliance that continues to defend American and trans-Atlantic interests around the world.

The #49ers  were in on Mohamed Sanu before he went to the #Patriots . They chose Emmanuel Sanders from the #Broncos , with Sanders getting a new home with a team with a shot at the playoffs.

The book is titled "A WARNING." It will come out on November 19. "An unprecedented behind-the-scenes portrait of the Trump presidency from the anonymous senior official whose first words of warning about the president rocked the nation's capital."

The tie’s the limit! A glorious tribute to Henry. 👔👔👔 #GBBO 

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Remember Anonymous, the author of the NYT Op-Ed? He or she is now writing a book. @jaketapper  reports:

Every election year, people wonder whether their votes matter. And yet, every election year, important races are decided by the narrowest of margins. Here's a guide to help you make sure you cast a ballot 👇🗳

I am introducing a Senate resolution to reaffirm the need for a strong U.S. presence and oppose premature withdrawal from Syria or Afghanistan. I hope my colleagues on both sides will take the opportunity to affirm these principles on the record.