David Frum

wondering if interviewing white retirees in small town diners is really a good way to understand US politics in the 21st century

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80% of Nigerians processed by Home Affairs were declared undesirable and will not be allowed back into SA for at least 5 years. #eNCA 's @XoliMngambi  asks African governments to stop politicking when convenient for them to do so. #FirstTake  Courtesy#DStv403 

Nearly four hours after she finished her speech, Elizabeth Warren makes it to the end of the selfie line

President Trump is holding a rally in New Mexico tonight. Follow live updates:

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Opinion: The hardest job for the next president may be fixing Trump’s mess

UPDATE: RCMP say suspect remains at large after man found with gunshot wounds at shopping mall north of Calgary. Police say CrossIron Mills shopping centre remains in lockdown mode #yyc 

Justice Brett Kavanaugh is facing a new accusation of sexual assault that bears resemblance to another allegation made against him in 2018

The attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure knocked out more than half of all production capacity in the world’s largest oil exporter

At least 10 bomb-sniffing dogs sent to Jordan from the U.S. to combat terrorism have died after suffering abuse and neglect, a federal investigation has found.

More than 3 million women in the U.S. experienced rape as their first sexual encounter, according to a recently published study. Experts say the number is alarming — but likely an underestimate. The data was also collected prior to the #MeToo  movement.