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A female friend just lost a job for being "difficult." As she narrated what had happened, it struck me: a difficult woman is one who asks for the things I get without having to ask for them.

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@tbettack10  @tmj4Dispatch  audio from the deadly incident at Miller Valley. A report says 7 dead including suspected shooter. Police sources tell @tmj4they  cannot confirm that number. What we know:

A visiting mini-moon is circling Earth, according to astronomers who discovered the cosmic squatter in our planet’s orbit.

Police in Milwaukee said officers were on the scene of a 'critical incident' at the Molson Coors headquarters, which local news media described as a shooting with multiple casualties

#Migrants not welcome? Protesters hurl stones at police during #protests  against construction of new #migrant  camp in #Lesbos , #Greece 

TONIGHT: @RichardEngel  takes us inside the facility in Singapore where scientists have isolated the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 to learn more about where it originated from. Watch more of his exclusive reporting tonight on @NBCNightlyNews .

Flashback: Bernie Sanders Says His Green New Deal Can Make Electricity ‘Virtually Free’ By 2035 — But There’s A Catch

What keeps the 45th president up at night? (Hint: it’s not the world’s problems.) This sketch starring Donald and Melania lets you peep through the keyhole to find out!

‘Lizzie McGuire’: How the Disney Plus Revival Ground to a Halt (EXCLUSIVE)

Another revealing bit. Schakowsky asked if we've funded all the R&D. Azar: "No, that's not accurate. For instance Gilead has a product Remdesivir that was originally NIH-funded basic research I think out of the University of Alabama, but they've carried forward with development."

A hospital in Delaware helped organize a wedding for one of its terminally ill patients and his fiancée. On February 15 — knowing he might never go home — Gus Jiménez proposed to Rachel from his hospital bed.