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Here's history debunking the "Very Well Then - Alone!" myth re Britain in 1940. https://t.co/yAeIaxOklb Britain in 1940 was a world-spanning empire. True, the UK left a lot of rifles on the beach at Dunkirk. But it had the world's strongest air force
Don't miss this fascinating memoir in the New Yorker last week: "My great-grandfather, the Nigerian slave trader." https://t.co/O5V0Vvvl21 The African side of the slave trade is so poorly studied. Yet for every European buyer of human beings, there was an African seller
Also, if the National Security Advisor has so forfeited POTUS confidence that he cannot be included in - or even briefed on - top diplomacy, he should responsibly quit his job & let the president replace him with someone in whom he does have confidence https://t.co/9CwyF9bc39
Buzzfeed story on Facebook's 2017 Trump-enthusiasm https://t.co/A0hPX0i2QQ
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Last night's Trumpocracy book talk at Regent Theater in Picton ON will be viewable on my @davidfrum Instagram account for next 18 hours or so
July 11, the Senate voted to disapprove of Trump's abuse of national security trade authority- but not to do anything about it https://t.co/ZR40LcYy1Q
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I suppose the Russian ministry of foreign affairs is just very devoted to gun rights
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