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As even President Trump aknowledges the Russian intervention to help him, the legitimacy question intensifies https://t.co/uTILYZMW1I
The dogs *know* when you cross into the County @ Glenora Ferry https://t.co/Bs5a2KkCQC
This seems an insane application of law https://t.co/siXBTGXzSr
This is such a profound & sad essay by @jonkay about the abuse of social media. https://t.co/EX9z130lCp
Me in today’s Atlantic on latest Russia news: Donald Trump is fast ceasing to be a legitimate president. Now what? https://t.co/uTILYZMW1I
It's a big grim news day. We can all use a vision of the beautiful
Trump just showed the whole world: when he’s scared, he bluffs. Dangerous. Me in @TheAtlantic https://t.co/RSidCTSc9K
Just go for the gusto! The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of Newtown schoolchildren!
The chop-logic denial of the connection between the developed world’s laxest gun laws-and worst gun violence-just seems such a waste of time
… wouldn’t it be less convoluted & more intelligent just to say, “My Charles Bronson fantasies are fully worth periodic gun massacres”?
The lesson to learn from your new leaders: The rest of you are all trying too hard. https://t.co/p4fRyqpcOs
The lesson to learn from your new leaders: The rest of you are all trying too hard. https://t.co/p4fRyqpcOs
An anthem for the Ted Cruz Republicans https://t.co/gHG0WaFTFT
Conservatism is what conservatives do, and what conservatives are doing now is enabling Donald Trump
Long past time to discard the claim that something called “conservatism” exists distinct from what real-life conservatives say & dohttps://t.co/h1moMna5o1
And there’s a lot at stake, because democracy doesn’t flourish when conservatives turn to authoritarian means https://t.co/cuq0sqAmeo
But if “conservatism is” what “conservatives do” - then history has to show: when it counted, the conservatives were all in for Trump
I would not be surprised if something like that happens in the 2030s w/r/t to Donald Trump and, say, Bill Clinton
There’s long been a big effort on the right to argue that JFK was a conservative https://t.co/Kf4lP196S1 & Nixon wasn’t.
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