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Re the Trump shark phobia: he does not in fact “give to all these charities”
Trumpocracy makes Globe & Mail Canada bestseller list
@RichNoyes @BrentBozell @seanhannity If there’s anything Hannity deplores, it’s vulgarity on TV. Coming up after the break, a closer look at how very very much Hannity deplores it, especially on spring break. https://t.co/xv7Re0pgoJ
Odd review of Trumpocracy in @dcexaminer , demonstrating how for a certain kind of progressive the only thing worse than Trump is criticism of Trump https://t.co/gNrR5DcEK0
Trumpocracy reviewed by @kennethsilber on his QuickSilber blog https://t.co/iVqLa9nx2f
The Russia-NRA connection is one of the most fascinating dangling threads from 2016. Keep tugging.
Video of a panel at the Hoover Institution with Mark Lilla … I talk a little more radically here than I usually allow myself https://t.co/AxrdFwdpuU
Will shortly appear CNN New Day to discuss Trumpocracy
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