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About to join @AriMelber MSNBC 6 pm
Faceboot Living with @maxboot in 8 minutes.
.@EliLake on Rand Paul's pro-Russia advocacy https://t.co/z7r56VDdtl
If liberals insist that enforcing borders is a job only fascists will do, then voters will hire fascists to do the job liberals won't. Me in @TheAtlantic on the attempt by 7000 Central Americans to force entry into the US https://t.co/fmOb5g1r5D
Interviewed for the podcast of the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Penn State https://t.co/P4qp9iPfD8
Somebody tried to bomb George Soros. https://t.co/VeZkBJJwOR
"Well, not a majority exactly ... more like a strategically located minority ... reinforced by highly selective enforcement of the voting laws ... but you know what I mean."https://t.co/1renWAJO43
America's commitment to letting all citizens vote has always been an ambivalent one - and not only for racial minorities. The definitive history of this much contested right https://t.co/p0QVSbg7df
I'll speak Wednesday night at the Jewish Public Library in Montreal. https://t.co/ym5rO9jyG2
My favorite "typical American" data point: More Americans practice yoga than watch NASCAR
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