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Such a powerful piece of reporting on the twisted journey of a Neo-Nazi troll https://t.co/rgIU40NeBh
Moving fast from “if true” via “it’s true, but …” to “it’s true, so what?”
But there was one dog who was “the dog” of my life https://t.co/3uFWq9geJF
My Labradors’ modeling debut, now in video https://t.co/SkliP0FSI2
For the record, I’ve never been a Franken fan https://t.co/nYipfOvGPX
Franken’s prank was cruel and humiliating. Moore’s acts “if true” rank among the worst crimes in the statute book. And the president is a confessed serial sexual assaulter, on the record.
The emerging analogy between Franken’s boorishness on the one hand and Roy Moore’s repeated attempts at child rape - maybe worse than attempts - evidences how far partisanship has corroded sense & decency
Stepped out of @ShakespeareinDC - opened Twitter- saw Trump tweet - and closing again to spend a few more minutes in memory of delight.
Very accessible and modern - they will love it
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