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Happy end of year portfolio review everybody
Frum: Treat Trump's comments 'with tongs' - CNN Video https://t.co/GauKHfe0DS
.⁦@DCrittenden1⁩ makes a match for the ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ Date Lab column. Results: mixed https://t.co/rhjacGfrzd
As "witch hunts" go, this one has accumulated quite a haul. Butina seems quite an important member of the coven
One possible answer is that the choices Paul Ryan made in power - not the words he spoke when seeking power - more truly reveal his actual philosophy of government
The Trump administration is not a friend to the UK. Trump officials' blithe assurances should not be trusted as British people deliberate their fateful choices. More here => https://t.co/58EDETIxeq
Trump administration wants EU broken up for crass and even sinister motives of its own. Once that task is done, UK will be left in lurch by Trump administration. Test: did Trump offer *any* help to UK to secure better terms from EU? Zero. Trump project vs EU is destruction only
In the past 2 years, Trump administration has made zero effort on a US-UK trade agreement - on the contrary, it slammed UK with steel tariffs. W 3 months to go before Brexit crash out, irresponsible to suggest that a US-UK agreement can offer timely help
Cancelling Article 50 process is now a real option available to UK - yet both major party leaders remain committed to Brexit, Corbyn even more wholeheartedly than May. If an election is forced - who will speak for what polls now suggest is Britain's most desired option?
Brexit ruling: UK can cancel decision, EU court says - BBC News https://t.co/e4ygZQLtTe
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