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Except very large portions of the migration were not coming from Syria.
@timoconnorbl Yes true, I acknowledge that. But they thereby set in motion a vast worldwide migration - and crisis of democracy in C. Europe.
Merkel’s immigration decisions of 2015 are undoing Europe's democratic gains of 1989 https://t.co/tb79SiaVRy
Kleptocratic authoritarianism comes to the Czech Republic: a personal view https://t.co/tb79SiaVRy
If journalism doesn’t work out, falling back on career as a kippah model, @ https://t.co/91fG3h19Rr https://t.co/UuB2cK3vQt
Trump forgets Tiffany in list of his children https://t.co/BMf2DbHLqU
Here’s Trump forgetting Kim Jong Un’s name - and not realizing he’s a different person from his father King Jong Il https://t.co/CHywqPJJzp
Also here’s Trump forgetting name of his "good friend,” Denver Bronco’s coach Mike Shanahan https://t.co/YYUSltLXKJ
The reason to reduce the corporate tax rate is thereby to eliminate loopholes, equalize treatment between sectors, & promote efficiency
And I say this as a *strong* supporter of corporate tax rate reduction. It’s a good idea - just not a miracle.
I am left to wonder whether White House isn’t *really* measuring recovery from the EU-crisis of 2010 and attributing it to corp tax rates?
Spain 25%.
Italy 24%.
Sweden 22%.
UK 19%.
Latvia 15%.
Ireland 12.5%
Who in the developed world has a very low corp tax rate? Let’s take a look https://t.co/cQL0MBZJT4
Note how heavily the chart depends on post-2014 experience.
Here’s the support for White House claim that big corporate tax cut will boost wages $4K-$9K annually
I mean, it exists as a sentiment. Highly doubtful that this "Allison Payne" exists as a human individual.
It really seems a life rule that the cruelest bullies are most wracked by self-pity
NYT interview w Bill O’Reilly https://t.co/AqxpdtBAUr : you’ll never guess who he thinks the real victim is
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