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Man makes a point
Every White House needs a Dr Spaceman
Meet the new @DCrittenden1 & @CHSommers podcast: The Femsplainers - a short intro https://t.co/FuhVSOlgzk
.@EliLake on the case for masterly inactivity vs Iran nuclear deal https://t.co/IKYFHPr6wn
A PSA for those Trump aides who in private sigh their disapproval of the president’s more egregious acts
Trump White House rule: the only spouse you can ask about is Hillary Clinton's.
But wait I’m reading this tweet
Trumpocracy cited in a NYT roundup of noteworthy books on government corruption https://t.co/d6Xc5WEsGZ
To understand Trump's negotiations w North Korea, very useful to revisit this story about his 1988 purchase of NY's Plaza Hotel at an absurdly inflated price. His strategy: "I’m at your mercy and will believe what you tell me" https://t.co/4HHgMrTnUR
Werewolves big in London
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