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30 years a biz journalist. Documentaries, books and a few good scoops along the way. Still love the chase, though now faster in water than on land.

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@bgtennisnation  @petenajarianTilray  and that move it made in late summer 2018 comes to mind, but this kind of move in 2 days is quite notable.

Are you questioning my endurance?

Looks like Kodak director Gerorge Karfunkel is no longer the largest holder of Kodak shares. 13d filed today has him reducing stake from 15.5% to 4.4% as of July 29th ($KODK closed at $33.20 that day). He donated 3m shares to congregation Chemdas Yisroel, according to 13d.

Kodak may not get its $765m loan after all. Recall the DFC, an entity charged with helping developing countries, had its charter revised by executive order (May 14) to allow for loans within the U.S that help the response to Covid or help secure important supply chains.

Here's the first 2 minutes of our interview with IAC ceo Joey Levin on the company's unusual decision to spend a billion dollars buying a stake in $MGM. Full interview here:

That was Scoop. He is always searching for a story.

Altice USA's $7.8b unsolicited bid (in partnership with Rogers Com) for Canada's Cogeco can only succeed if the Audet family, which controls Cogeco, agrees to sell. In a statement, they say they will not. Here is $ATUS CEO earlier on @SquawkStreet 


Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable in all stock deal worth $159 per $TWC share- sources. Deal set for tomorrow morning. Ratio is 2.875 $CMCSA.

You pose this as a victory, but who are its beneficiaries? NY forfeits a chance to become a major tech hub, loses tens of thousands of jobs and tens of billions of dollars in tax revenues that could fund programs you support. How is that a victory?

and SEC reach settlement on fraud charges filed Thursday. Settlement will keep Musk CEO but force him to resign within 45 days as Chairman for 3 years, pay $20m fine and have Tesla appoint 2 new ind. directors and also pay $20m fine- sources.

14 years of brawling with corporate America and all has to show for it is the same return as the S&P. His funds' gross return from 11/04 through end of Q3'18 was 128% or 6.1% annually (as per IEP filing). S&P returned 6.2% annually before dividends for same period.

Trump Admin and $UTX reach agreement on keeping close to 1000 factory jobs in Carrier plant in Indiana- sources.

LVMH has reached a deal to acquire Tiffany for $135 a share in cash. Tiffany board meeting later today to approve- sources.

It may be the best of very bad choices but the idea of a two week holiday that includes market closures is one I continue to hear from many in the financial community. Secretary Mnuchin disagreed with the idea last Friday but events can change opinions.