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Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Host, The Axe Files, http://itunes.com/AxeFiles. Views expressed here are my own.

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Moore doesn’t get it. He just got banned from another mall.
This one:
We are chugging toward a tax cut that will make big Republican donors happy but will produce only modest growth, create a trillion or more in deficits and offer little or nothing to the middle class. That’s why only 26% approve!
More @RickSantorum on @POTUS “lack of decorum” and it’s impact on @GOP:
“I don't have any doubt that this will have electoral consequences.” #AxeFiles
“I don't see (him) as a role model for the lessons of life that I want to impart to my children.”
On new #AxeFiles, former @GOP senator and conservative firebrand @RickSantorum lights into @realDonaldTrump for “unacceptable” behavior.
Interesting convo: https://t.co/RN9A2n6ujm
It was more than Moore.
Dems are on a roll in the era of @realDonaldTrump.
I was so tied up with Alabama last night I forgot to wish y’all a Happy Hanukkah!
Another woman in the Senate—just the latest, I am certain, in a wave of women who will join her in Congress after ‘18.
The late campaigning of prominent AA politicians like @DevalPatrick, @CoryBooker and robo call from @BarackObama and lots and lots of feet on the street helped translate into a historic win.https://t.co/uaMBrbvtr9
Why do I have this feeling that Ivanka stole her father’s cellphone tonight?

Trump congratulates Jones on 'hard fought victory'
(via POLITICO for iOS)https://t.co/rFbqQmJgcu
Congrats to @JoeTrippi and Paul Maslin, my old pals and skilled campaign warriors, for their role in helping to guide another historic victory!
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