Dan ???

Dan ???

Proud father of 2. Creator of the #PS60 Trading Process. Sharing 20+ years of trading daily. Tweets are for educational purposes only.

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Long OBLN in my Twitter account . Using 1.61 is my hard stop .

Beta holding up like champs . Either hell freezing over or wife will attempt to kill me in my sleep. Something fishy lol

$TSLA if it wants a shot at glory today needs to find a new 851/852 base


A new change is coming . A new day . Not talking about the inauguration. Beta is backkkkkkk

$BTAQ spaq name spiking AH over days highs . Needs strong 12 base

Been in this $AACQ spac for 2 was 10.80’s avg . I’m watching every damn spac go up 5 . Where’s is my muchin tuchin restaurant

Going dark for the night . Kyler will post nightly video on my feed shortly . Hope everyone doing well. See you tomorrow✌️

There was a lot of optimism in the market today.... Tonight we talk about big moves on beta $NFLX $AMZN $GOOGL, how the market is feeling different than before, and a technical level to watch on $TSLA for $885 potential. New video is now live >>


20yrs In . my best advice to any aspiring traders. You’ll suffer . Then You’ll suffer some more . The light bulb will eventually go on & you’ll finally get it . Everything you’ve gone through & will go through is normal. Head down. Stay focused. It will click . Have faith ???

I want to congratulate every trader who clicks a mouse . From the aspiring trader in 1st year to the 30yr vet and everyone in between. No one will ever understand what we go through win/lose /draw than another member of the tribe . Respect to all . God bless ?

If you want to become a full-time trader who is making enough to support a family, do what it takes to make that happen. There's no shame in having a 2nd job in the beginning to help build up your capital & reduce emotional pressure. Be patient. The market isn't going anywhere.

What if I told you It’s going to take 5-7 years to find some level of consistency. 10-12yrs to emotionally accept that losing is normal & you will self sabotage yourself on a regular basis . How many of you would still be interested? The truth is bad for business

The first 2-3 years of becoming a professional trader is suffering. It'll take another 5+ years to get comfortable with losing money. Everyone I know who has been trading for 10+ years went through the same things. You're not alone. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

Timeline (normal) for traders Year 0-3 stay afloat & consume as much good info as possible 3-5 : find your first stage of consistency & refine process 5-7 . Make a living 7+ support a family Results will vary but do you want fantasy or reality ?

Trader development Stage 1 excitement Stage 2 frustration Stage 3 self doubt Stage 4 hate Stage 5 perseverance Stage 6 resilience Stage 7 character Stage 8 💡 Stage 9 confidence Stage 10 TRADER

new traders that sleep & eat trading will soon find out that the love affair is one way . Market doesn’t care if u live or die . It’s only job is to transfer wealth. Once u figure this out , That’s when u lose emotions & become a pro. It’s just a job like anything else ?

4th July nationals .If son medals I'll give 3 random folks 1yr access to our live webinar.If he wins gold lifetime . RT to enter . Good luck

It takes 3yrs to get comfortable in the market and 5yrs to find true consistency. 10yrs with all the scars , sleepless nights and self doubt you are now an overnight success.