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That fuels my optimism. There are good quality independent local banks in just about every community.

If Trump was actually paying attention when Barr was schooling him about the unitary executive theory, then you could say that Trump is just giving it right back to him now.

Had to call in sick to @beatthepress  this week, but please watch @EmilyRooneyWGBH  and the crew at 7 p.m. See you next Friday.

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Correct. And Al Gore never said he invented the internet.

Why would the Red Sox’ knowing about it be a reason not to flip out?

This is what I told @rleverafp  about the McClatchy bankruptcy. Local news isn’t dying. It’s being murdered.

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In a perfect world, candidates would know the name of the president of Mexico. But you need context: Are they dumb and/or incurious? Or were they just unprepared? Hardly disqualifying. But come on: Study up.

Well, there it is. I’ve seen more details elsewhere, but the basic facts line up. Quite a trade.


Mattis, Tillerson et al. convinced themselves they were doing their patriotic duty. It was the opposite. They should have resigned that day and held a joint news conference.

We should have saved our outrage for this one before ripping the @nytimes  for false equivalence. It is astonishingly bad.

Excellent @washingtonpost  article on how Republican messaging is aimed solely at firing up the Trumpist right. One error, though: it’s apparently aimed at intimidating the @nytimes  newsroom as well.

Buttigieg won’t talk about his work at McKinsey because of an NDA? Voters should consider him disqualified for office unless that changes.

Mueller failed the country. And there’s yet more evidence that @JasonLeopold  and @BuzzFeed  were right about Trump pressuring Cohen to lie to Congress. Let @Will_Bunch  explain:

And to be clear, the piece is worse than the headline.

@AaronBlake  @blakehounshellAt  37, Buttigieg has no idea of what it’s like to have adult children who make their own decisions, good and bad.

Here is #Northeastern ’s coverage of the Iranian student who was deported from Logan in defiance of a federal court order:

I’m now leaning toward thinking that Pompeo had planned his attack on @NPRKelly ⁩ ahead of time as a distraction.