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Dan Kennedy

Associate professor at @NUjournalism. Author of https://t.co/cXEt0xdqDl. Panelist on @beatthepress. Contributor to @wgbhnews.

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This sentence shouldn’t even appear without pointing out that these same people supported the Trump tax cut: “With the deficit ballooning to $3.1 trillion, conservative Republicans say they cannot stomach another huge federal pandemic relief measure.”

You can be sure Trump will fling that bogus New York Post Hunter-Ukraine story at Biden at tonight's debate. My @wgbhnews  column explains what you need to know about it.

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Our @NUjournalism  students asked all 257 candidates for the #mapoli  Legislature a question: Do you favor ending the legislative exemption to the public records law? See what they found out at @thedocketnu .

I'm scheduled to be on @wgbh  radio (89.7 FM) at about 5:05 p.m. to talk wit @ArunRath  about "pink slime" journalism — seemingly local news sites that are actually part of partisan (and mostly Republican) networks. Hope you can tune in.

"I'm really looking forward to this debate" are words you have not heard from anyone today.

Whenever Santorum talks I find myself yearning for Jeffrey Lord.


Mueller failed the country. And there’s yet more evidence that @JasonLeopold  and @BuzzFeed  were right about Trump pressuring Cohen to lie to Congress. Let @Will_Bunch  explain:

Mattis, Tillerson et al. convinced themselves they were doing their patriotic duty. It was the opposite. They should have resigned that day and held a joint news conference.

We should have saved our outrage for this one before ripping the @nytimes  for false equivalence. It is astonishingly bad.

Al Gore got in trouble because he didn’t walk across the street to make a fundraising call. #RNC2020 

To my fellow journalists and academics: You have a golden opportunity today to tweet something incredibly stupid. Let's be careful out there.

Excellent @washingtonpost  article on how Republican messaging is aimed solely at firing up the Trumpist right. One error, though: it’s apparently aimed at intimidating the @nytimes  newsroom as well.

Buttigieg won’t talk about his work at McKinsey because of an NDA? Voters should consider him disqualified for office unless that changes.