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helo i am doot pls quiet im' vary scare in nice to met you

Latest Scoops

mum how can i sleep tight AND not let the bed bugs bite it sounds like i have to be pretty awake to fend off aggressive insects
why did we want to give the people what they want? https://t.co/huwWqiApcT
the new film of our stage show 'interactive introverts' is out now! two emotional hours of banter with dan and phil giving the people what they want. get it here: https://t.co/TkyRGpOhil
this has been sitting in my playlists since 2015 so you know what here you go enjoy the memories https://t.co/7x1ZCUUa4U
*now with most of the songs we ever removed back in to please the people
it's a new year's eve tradition!
just listen to it as you track the delivery for the dvd it's the same experience
tatinof was like a greatest hits of memes and emotions whereas ii was more relevant to our year and reaching up - quite appropriate for each
'siri on dans phone' was really the mvp of the tour
hahah one of our crew specifically asked to remove hard times as they thought 'and i gotta get to rock bottom' sounded annoying

fuck that guy it's back in
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