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On the proposed prohibition of firearms at the Michigan Capitol: First members of the Capitol Commission said they required an opinion indicating they were vested with the legal authority to take such action. They received that last week.

If the Commission elects not to prohibit firearms, it will not be because they lack the legal authority to do so, but rather because they lack the will to take the necessary action required to protect the lives of those who work at and visit our State Capitol. Period.

Michigan may have a President who doesn't care about our state residents, but you have a Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State who do. Elections have consequences. I'm looking at you, November 2020. @gretchenwhi@JocelynBensontmer 

Also, hard to say I've "done nothing" as AG with all the lawsuits myself and the other @DemocraticAGs  have filed and won against you. 💅

Trump is now 3 for 3 at making false accusations about Michigan's strong female leaders over Twitter. (At least he actually managed to remember Dana's name.) As our AG, Dana Nessel will continue to stand up to the commander-in-tweet on our behalf.

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The President has risked the health, safety and welfare of everyone who lives in this state, and I will not remain silent. Listen below to my interview on @NPR.