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Prayers up for the @cavsdan family 🙏🏽
Congrats @paulpierce34 on your jersey retirement well deserved bro #thetruth
The difference between selfish and selfless players. Take notice
Stop hating 10 yrs of service before my first 10 day. Get it right
Hopefully Dallas
@MrMikeB469 Can’t get players nobody wants to play for rick. So you guys are going to have to build from the ground up. And that takes time. Only way to get players is to over pay. You guys have young players playing for their livelihood so that’s where the energy comes from. Not the leader
@MrMikeB469 Yea your right and they won’t be worth anything. And I know that for a fact about j Kidd. That’s why he was given a head coaching job without any experience. He coached the Mavs for the last part of the season when rick lost the team
@MrMikeB469 Wasn’t excusing the players behavior but as a leaderypu diffuse the situation and deal with him later. His emotions were out of control. You don’t publicly embarrass your players that’s the fastest way to lose respect
Portland moves the ball well and takes great shots. Okc has no ball movement and they take the first shot #playersonly
Congrats @kobebryant on the momentous occasion. Both #8 and #24 being retired is well deserved. One of the greatest to ever play and the hardest for me to guard. Thank you for what you’ve given to this game of basketball. #mambaday
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