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Finding great audiences for great storytelling, always up for a challenge. Priors: @WashingtonPost @PRI @AP @BostonGlobe Beardwrites@gmail.com

Latest Scoops

Strangulation: The link between domestic abuse and mass murder? https://t.co/2Be7jZfbRP
Distraction 101: When the conversation gets close to possible crimes by the president, try to throw America off the scent
Another reason to have a dog? https://t.co/vrq8beh4CN
“I lost everything material-wise but not my life. We’ll rebuild the rest.” https://t.co/URS3YevAwY
Palm Beach ‘social season’ moving on from Mar-a-Lago: ‘Trumpettes’ remain. https://t.co/AWMvm9pjxD #Trump @Fahrenthold
How Russia used racially charged phrases like “welfare queen” to make white Americans hate the US government https://t.co/UjErFeHqB6
Matisse did it this way. Boston's North End does it another way. A @nytimes article asks: Does bocce, with bocce friends, keep you young? https://t.co/9zdcdpWFEA
At a glance: Who the GOP #taxbill helps - and hurts. h/t @kylegriffin1
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