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  3. omg 😂😂😂 this made my day
Omg 😂😂😂 this made my day
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Omg 😂😂😂 this made my day


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Just recorded a new episode of our podcast “This Week In #Nope,” where we didn’t not shut down the #HelsinkiSummit, necrophiliac crows, poison parsnips, the Chick-Fil-a baby 👶🏼 and so much more. Dropping tomorrow morning - a day ahead of sked, but not a moment too soon. 🎧❤️
BREAKING REPORT: FBI has secret recording Michael Cohen made of a conversation he had with Trump two months before the election in which they discussed payments to Playboy model Karen McDougal; Trump denied having any knowledge of this conversation as recently as early 2018.
19 minutes
"President Trump has made it clear that agencies across this administration have to take decisive action to ensure that it never happens again." https://t.co/sUkK2qBfmo
I have no idea where I am in NJ or planet earth in general after this 10-day stretch but there are four weddings and a Nordstrom so I should fine.
The 108° temp in Fort Smith is hottest since the high of 108° on July 20th, 2012.

108° and hotter temps are obviously rare in Fort Smith. This would only be the 35th day a temp that hottest has been recorded since 1882.
Shark Week, Moon Day, 'Jaws' on the beach and more fun things for the family to do this week https://t.co/U1oMzLYUYd
When you make the cut 👇
79 players have made the cut for Round 3 of #TheOpen
See you tomorrow for moving day.
This company tested a 4-day work week — and says it was a massive success
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You would never guess what this park is made out of
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This just made my Friday. Week. Month. Life? h/t @fahrenthold https://t.co/s2xugiSItX
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