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I bust Stupid Dope Moves and Bomb Atomically. https://soundcloud.com/thebrilliantidiots

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#GetItOffYourChest you want to vent???? Reach out and touch us 18005851051 @breakfastclubam click here to stream us live!!! https://t.co/vW3Ty6Awpa
The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show Is On @breakfastclubam click here to stream us live!!!!! https://t.co/vW3Ty6Awpa
Thank You God For Blessing Me With Another Day Of Life!!!!!
Pre Order signed copies of my new book #ShookOne “Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me” here. https://t.co/PKlESFMPui
This is so dope. This is literally all I want to talk about nowadays. Mental Health. Mental Health. Mental Health. What day and time do I go to therapy??? I’m a pick the first three… https://t.co/WEwFtbFGZU
The good brother @DrIshMajor I can’t wait until you read the bars he dropped in my new book. We kicking down the door of the stigma that is mental health in the black community. #ShookOnehttps://t.co/NEjeSvPUbs
I’m at the point now where I want to report all spam on IG as abusive content.
With my third child on the way this conversation with @GlowMaven was right on time. Needed to hear a lot of this!!! Hopefully it helps you when you hear it tomorrow morning too!!! https://t.co/c2dIVq405F
This experience that this meme is showcasing is Blackness in it’s purest form. This is the epitome of It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand. https://t.co/FslpmD77aI
Look at the broski @lilduval !!! Debuted Number 28 on @billboard top 10 soon come and I’m not going back and forth with you niggas on if it’s going number one or not just sit back and… https://t.co/HNnPcZUTi2
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