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I bust Stupid Dope Moves and Bomb Atomically. https://soundcloud.com/thebrilliantidiots

Latest Scoops

Great Read about Mental Health in this months @menshealthmag on newsstands now!!! I’m happy to be a part of it!!! https://t.co/VbHEupbrVD
You know I once read an article in @Entrepreneur about “The 9 everyday habits of the average millionaire.” I’m not giving you all 9 because you should really do your own research but this… https://t.co/yAtcybwGZH
Have you thanked your lord and Drako for another day of life today??? Give your soul to jah before it’s too late. https://t.co/nKiRrhi7IF
Queen @TamikaDMallory pulled up on @breakfastclubam this morning to discuss this weekends Woman’s March and why Unity and Group Operation is a must!!!! Full interview on @breakfastclubam… https://t.co/W2B6Ifdejp
All this talk of comebacks got us thinking, could Young Draco be.....🤔 Nah right? But what if??? Nah we tripping....but the signs are there?? 🤔 Nah man Nah. But is it possible??? Let’s… https://t.co/d3StbGKHkc
ENERGY I’M FOREVER ON. If I don’t like you I don’t pretend to and if I don’t fuck with you, WE don’t fuck with you. https://t.co/zE1PXvXvwi
We got @tamikadmallory on @breakfastclubam right now!!! Tune in!!! https://t.co/Zy7PEEr9yQ
Queen @tamikadmallory on @breakfastclubam in the morning discussing this weekends #WomansMarch https://t.co/cmv8lUmNnO
Wow remixgodsuede just got banned from Canada for this. It’s all fun and games until your house is surrounded by 🦉 https://t.co/E3TWvV1tez
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