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I bust Stupid Dope Moves and Bomb Atomically. https://soundcloud.com/thebrilliantidiots

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Well since @kamalaharris won’t be taking corporate PAC checks how about go donate to her… https://t.co/NYdLyWAomY
“I come as one but I stand as 10k” -Maya Angelou full interview with Senator @kamalaharris on… https://t.co/1MdVZEV5p7
#BlackPrivilege paperback drops tomorrow. Book singing in NYC Wednesday. See you there. https://t.co/nwv5PdX8nB
Shuri definitely made @kaepernick7’s suit. I know a Wakanda Original when I see one. Salute to… https://t.co/5coBYXrklI
Did you miss Senator @kamalaharris on @breakfastclubam this morning?? Well here you go!!!! https://t.co/ttVJJJmH8C
We got Senator @kamalaharris on @breakfastclubam right now!!! Tune in!!!! https://t.co/6Kum1lQPCE
We got Senator @KamalaHarris on @breakfastclubam right now!!! Click here to stream us live!!! https://t.co/vW3Ty6Awpa
We got Senator @KamalaHarris on @breakfastclubam next hour!!! Click here to stream us live!!! https://t.co/vW3Ty6Awpa
Who should get #DonkeyOfTheDay today???? Let me know!!!!! @breakfastclubam click here to stream us live!!!!! https://t.co/vW3Ty6Awpa
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