Michigan @gretchenwhitmer : "My husband made a failed attempt at humor last week...he jokingly asked if being married to me might move him up in the queue...He regrets it. I wish it wouldn't have happened. That's really all we have to say about it."

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#Business | Qualcomm’s move comes at a time India is preparing to auction 5G airwaves to telecoms service providers.

The simple response to anyone on the right blaming America’s current Covid-19 crisis - & ongoing spikes - on China is: ‘what about Vietnam?’ Vietnam shares an actual, physical 800-mile land border with China, is 100 times poorer than the US, & yet has had zero Covid deaths. Zero

"Judicial Watch investigators uncovered records from the U.S. Secret Service showing that, for the first 5 and a half years of the Obama admin, Hunter#Biden  traveled extensively with a Secret Service protective detail,” @TomFitton  in Newsmax. Read:

BJP govt must clarify if there is any truth to this claim.

BBC News - Shopping malls reopen as lockdown restrictions are eased. #bbcgms  0605

The govt must clarify if the Chinese PLA have indeed pulled back, how much of our land is under contention and whether the Chinese troops are still in our territory?

Finally. Redskins to retire team name Monday; new name to be revealed later

These numbers are enough to expose the irony in HM's statement and also their failure to fight this pandemic.

President Donald Trump considered selling Puerto Rico in 2017 after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria, the former acting Homeland Security secretary told The New York Times in an interview

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